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Chelsea Hackett

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Holding to a long tradition of finding the best small business ideas available to home-based entrepreneurs, Sandy McQueen of has just posted her latest idea for a small business, 6/07/2013 - Sandy McQueen has done it again and has just revealed one of the [url=]best small business ideas[/url] of 2013 on her website [url=][/url] . This latest idea is to start a residential Venetian blinds and window cleaning business. As McQueen reveals in the article, many people are attracted to Venetian blinds for their style and beauty but these blinds are prone to gathering more dust than other blinds and the prospect of cleaning them is not appealing to most home owners. For McQueen this is a readymade client base that any entrepreneur can take advantage of.

In this very detailed and informative article, McQueen meticulously reveals the steps one needs to take to start their own Venetian blind and window cleaning business. She covers the amount of training one will need, the need for a thorough business plan, and the steps one takes to file the proper documentation with the Secretary of State in the business owner’s home state. This small business ides is somewhat more complicated than some of the other’s McQueen has spoken about because the business owner will be entering a client’s home and will be using chemicals in the cleaning process.

McQueen also speaks to the start-up costs involved with this type of business which can be quite significant depending on the type of equipment one uses. Even with the higher barriers to entry in this market place and the more substantial costs, McQueen tells her readers that this type of business has the potential to be very rewarding and lucrative with the potential to make several thousand dollars a month.

The article is one of the longer ones posted on because there are so many aspects of this business that need to be covered. Marketing is a significant point covered in the article and Sandy spends a great deal of time covering the ways that a small business owner can identify potential clients and get the word out about their new business.

To learn more about the potential of a Venetian blind and window cleaning service and to investigate other great small business ideas, visit [url=][/url]


Sandy McQueen, Site Owner

Avon, IN 46126




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