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Medical Superabsorbent Polymers Market by Production, Capacity Utilization Rate Analysis till 2027
Superabsorbent polymers have gained immense popularity owing to their pivotal role in the daily care products industry, such as diapers.

Fact.MR, 8/10/2018 - Excellent water retention and absorbency of superabsorbent polymers have been leveraged for product development in the medical sector, particularly in wound management. Efficient exudate absorption, and faster healing process are key attributes of medical superabsorbent polymers that have driven their popularity. This Fact.MR report foresees the market for medical superabsorbent polymers to record a splendid CAGR between the forecast period 2018 and 2027. Worldwide sales of medical superabsorbent polymers are poised to bring in nearly US$ 8,300 Mn revenues by 2027-end.

Superabsorbent Spacer Fabrics Development for Exuding Wound Dressing Application

Exuding wound care entails the need for dressing that quickly absorb exudates, and exert effective moisture management during the healing of wounds. Currently available commercial wound dressings are linked with a slew of limitations such as low-absorbency and high evaporation. In addition, non-occlusive nature of these wound dressings, and the requirement for secondary dressing for retaining a moist environment on the surface of wound, have further confined their performance and effectiveness.

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Recognizing the concern, manufacturers have been inclining their preference toward spacer fabrics for use as absorbent medical products. Recent research efforts have given birth to superabsorbent spacer fabrics for application in exuding wound care. The three-layered structure of these fabrics deliver faster wetting speed and twice the absorbency compared to foam dressings. Additionally, air permeability of superabsorbent spacer fabrics is relatively higher, making them suitable for applications in exuding wound dressings.

Medical Superabsorbent Polymers Market: Emphasis on Sustainability to Create New Avenues for Manufacturers

Superabsorbent polymers have gained immense popularity owing to their pivotal role in the daily care products industry, such as diapers. Superabsorbent materials based on petroleum have sought significant use in the development of these products, however the upward trend of sustainability and green products are now driving efforts for re-invention. Scientists across the globe are therefore working on the production of new eco-friendly alternatives.

Innovation Remains a Cornerstone for Nonwoven Medical Superabsorbent Polymer Manufacturers

Non-woven medical superabsorbent polymers will remain preferred by end-users over their woven counterparts, as they offer relatively higher absorbency and flexibility. The report projects a robust increase in sales of non-woven superabsorbent polymers, with manufacturers making heavy investments in the development of innovative products and technologies such as P&G’s new line of bladder leak undergarments that offer maximum protection. Call of softer diapers has further led to technological innovations such as thermal-bonded non-woven superabsorbent polymers. Such innovations will rub off on demand and supply of non-woven superabsorbent polymers in the near future.

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