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Chelsea Hackett

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Moflon’s Contribution To The Trending Wind Turbine Slip Rings Designs In The Market – The MW Series
The article elaborates the trending designs of wind turbine slip rings. It also reflects on Moflon’s latest MW series of wind turbine slip rings in this niche., 9/03/2013 - United States - The slip rings niche has been developing fast with new designs a necessity of the times. These components provide a reliable connectivity and help in transmission of power and signals from a stationary cable to a rotating machine. The slip ring assembly is often a wire brush made out of precious metal to withstand high temperatures and reduce friction. Usually a gold plated alloy works best for this purpose.

Ideally the slip ring design should be such that once your install it in the machine you do not require to bother about it for a very long time. However, purchasing low quality parts for cost cutting will only become more expensive for you in the future when you have to bother about replacement and maintenance frequently. However, this does not include maintenance or cleaning of debris and talking measures to flush out the oil and dirt within the slip ring components and re-lubricate the parts.

New slip ring designs are coming up in the market. These are based on the specific consumer demands by leading applications in different industry sectors. The [URL=]wind turbine slip ring[/URL] is the latest trending design in the market. These slip rings have been developed to power high quality wind turbines. Moflon has caught on to the trend with their trending MW series of slip rings. These have various models that provide solutions for small to the largest sized turbines. The company also provides custom slip rings for your exact wind turbine specifications. The company claims to shell out customized designs within weeks of the initial brief and order. This is quite competitive with regards to the other companies taking up quite a few months timeline for similar orders.

In these kinds of slip rings the designs usually trend on these main fronts –

• Higher power transfer for turbine designs with increased power output and size.

• Durability and the potential to handle extreme power peaks during the extremes of operation of the applications.

• It is also important that the ring design protect potential cross talk – which is the interruption of stray signals or noise within the power lines.

Moflon’s MW series of wind turbine slip rings

The Moflon MW series has 11 variants to cover almost all standard sizes directly off the shelf. With such a wide variety, it is very rare that you might need to wait for a new design development. You can just pick the variant that fits your turbine specifications and start your production and execution process at the earliest.

The unique MW designs claim a stock free maintenance and they are designed for high quality wind turbines/power applications. The rings have been designed with gold plated ring and pure gold alloy brush. They are designed to withstand solid, flange mounting.


[URL=]Moflon[/URL] is a leading niche player for wind turbine slip rings. The company has produced quality products consistently and spearheaded constant development of new designs for new versions of industrial production machinery parts.

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