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Montana Senator Recognized for Lifetime of Service
John G Harp, a Montana state senator, was recently recognized for his era of public service., 7/25/2013 - John G Harp was recently recognized for his long record of service to the state of Montana. From 1980 to 2000, John G Harp was involved in state politics. John G Harp held multiple positions during this time, including that of State Representative and State Senator. During his time as a legislator in Montana, John G Harp constantly put effort into producing work that would adequately represent his constituents.

When asked, John G Harp had this to say about it: “I firmly believed, and still believe, that representatives are not elected to have power or lord their authority over those who elected them. The best representatives are those that know how to listen before speaking in the legislative body.” John G Harp constantly ensured that the actions he took would adequately represent the people who elected him, and made an effort to make his decisions based off of their opinions before his own.

John G Harp's pursuit of adequate representation helped him maintain his position in the senate for an unprecedented 12 years, and he was beloved by many of his coworkers in the senate. John G Harp's requirement that his decisions be based out of the desires of his constituents drew the respect of his coworkers, and from 1995 to 1999, John G Harp was named the Senate Majority Leader.

John G Harp had this to say about his time as Senate Majority Leader: “I was truly elated to be named to the position even once. To be elected to leadership by such an august body is an unimaginable honor for me. The fact that I was able to serve in that capacity for not one, but three separate terms is a direct result of the continued input and support of my peers.”

John G Harp authored and sponsored many bills during his time in the political arena, and has enabled the state of Montana to pass reforms and improvements in many areas. John G Harp's tireless effort should be recognized.

John G Harp aims to continue leading his community in the years to come, although now his leadership is in the private sector.

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