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In The New Age
James Bolin
15941 Harlem ave
ste 309

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NEW #Virtual #Pinball #machine! The VPin Ultra 300 In One Pinball Machine
2000 gpinball ames in one machine, 7/22/2020 - Warm NEW #Virtual #Pinball #machine! The VPin Ultra 300 In One Pinball Machine

Look into the world's most advanced pinball machine!


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There is an excellent explanation clarifying g why the name of our firm is "IN THE NEW AGE." As well as, that factor is due to the nature of our firm and also the items we sell. What I indicate by this is the truth that we offer some of the globe's mots special, and also innovative arcade games and relevant game room items on the marketplace. As much of you already recognize, we market arcade games that consists of 1,000's of the globes mots popular video arcade games ever before made. Furthermore, we are the home of the world famous VPin virtual pinball machine. However, now we have launched our all new HIGHLY progressed virtual pinball machine, the all new VPin Ultra virtual pinball machine!

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The all new VPin Ultra, sold solely by IN THE NEW AGE, is no doubt a video pinball machine ahead of its time!

The VPin Ultra Virtual Pinball Machine!

Regarding the item:



- Completely DOF allowed

- Mechanical Force Comments

-( 8 Solenoids & 1 x Shaker Electric Motor).

- Analog Nudging enabled.

-( Accelerometer allowed).

- Digital Plunger.

-( Skill fired allowed).

- Physical Tilt Bob & Knocker.

-( Bang Tilt made it possible for).

- Game Controlled LED Flashers & Under-cabinet Light Strips.

- 1000+ Pinball Tables Compatible (4K).

- Your Choice of Art work Wrap is consisted of.

- FREE Customized Art work Layout included!

- Best Commercially Offered Aesthetic Pinball Machine".

- Improved fully DOF allowed Virtual Pinball Machine.

- Full Force Feedback.

-( 8 x Siemens Solenoids & 1 Shaker Electric Motor).

- Digital Nudging - Digital Plunger.

- Physical Tilt Bob - Physical Totally Free Game Knocker.

- Game Controlled RGB LED Flashers & Light Strips.

- 49" Full Size Wide body 4K VP Ultra HD LG Playfield Monitor.

-( Edge-to-edge bezel-free Playfield Design - we utilize Industrial Monitors, not TVs).

- Excellent Quality Audio with built-in Speaker.


The VP ULTRA VP is the most advanced 4K VP Ultra HD Virtual Pinball Machine in the world, compatible with over 1000 Visual Pinball, Future Pinball and also Zen Studios Pinball FX Tables, all in a solitary System.

Just like the name suggests, the VP ULTRA VP succeeds at everything it does. This amazing machine sucks you into the game with our sophisticated responsive comments system (full force mechanical DOF enabled). You'll really feel every knock, click, and also tremble that you would certainly really feel on a mechanical Pinball Machine.

Get hold of a hold of the actual bettor and also let her rip! Ready to drain pipes a ball. Go ahead and push the machine left or right for that last 2nd death save, due to the fact that our integrated in push sensing unit let's this virtual round behave as if it was actual (don't say anything, it doesn't understand it's not an actual sphere). Unlike our competitors (i.e. Vcabs, and so on.) we use the better control boards with VP Ultra-sensitive accelerometers as well as a field of depth just achieved wi

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