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Marie Buckner

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Newly Published Book on Dealing With Insomnia After a Total Knee Replacement
Compilation of over 100 real-life patient stories of sleep disorders, 6/07/2012 - Booktoots' Healing, with a readership of over 139,000, is proud to announce the release of its newly published book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After a Total Knee Replacement.” Insomnia is a common, but minimally discussed, side effect of this surgery. Containing over 100 real-life stories written by patients going through the same thing, this book provides support and encouragement to help patients realize they are not alone while experiencing sleep disorders during recuperation.

After undergoing a total knee replacement herself, author Marie Buckner started a blog and began writing about her experiences. “I was sleeping only two hours a night for months on end. Nothing I did made it better. I was becoming depressed, frustrated and no one understood what I was going through. If I did tell a friend about it, the response was “it's no big deal”. It was a big deal to me. I went online to do research and didn't find anything that helped. After so much time of not understanding what was going on, I wrote about it on my blog,” she said. This post sparked an international discussion and is the book's foundation.

Available in print, Kindle and, ebook versions, this much-needed book is the first of its kind. The book is available for purchase at Amazon, CreateSpace, Kindle, Barnes & Noble and other book publishing sites. It is also available at her website at:

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