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Phillip Fleck

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Now Get the Best Gluten Free Rice Flour Bread In Japan, Only From Tanbo No Bread Kobo Niji No Ho
There is no one better in the country to make the most delicious bread while also being healthy., 1/27/2023 - NEWSDESK (January 27th, 2023) - Tanbo No Bread Kobo Niji No Ho has become the biggest supplier of gluten free, healthy and delicious bread in all of Japan. They do not use wheat flour as an ingredient but rather use rice flour that is a far more healthier option for people to control their metabolism among other health benefits. Not just that, each batch is tested for absence of gluten, so that even those with wheat allergies and sensitive intestinal conditions can eat it with full confidence without worrying about getting ill.

"We are very glad people have liked us so much. Our rice flour breads are crispy on the outside while being soft and fluffy on the inside. This takes the taste to a different level altogether while also keeping the bread worth munching on. Not only do we supply the finest quality of bread but we also supply to many hotels in Tokyo. You can rice flour bread mail and we'll deliver it to you anywhere in the country! Tanbo No Bread Kobo Niji No Ho Rice Flour Bread will always be at your service", said the owner of Tanbo No Bread Kobo Niji No Ho.

About Tanbo No Bread Kobo Niji No Ho:

Tanbo No Bread Kobo Niji No Ho is a company that makes gluten free bread made of rice flour. Apart from the citizens, it also serves its breads to all types of hotels around till.

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Media Contact:

Address: ?870-0027, 101 Sky Heights Suehiro, 2-3-15 Suehirocho, Oita City, Oita Prefecture

Phone Number: 0975131163 / 0975131173



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