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One Nines Denim Needs Help in Finding Their Jeans
New Innovative Denim Brand Launches Indiegogo Campaign, 12/23/2014 - (December 23, 2014 – New York, NY) - Heavily inspired by pop culture, One Nine Eight Four Den/m (1NE 9INES) is a new fashion brand looking produce ground-breaking denim designs. This brand launched their Indiegogo Campaign named, “Help Us Find Our Jeans”, on December 19, 2014 to gain awareness as well as funding to continue on its denim design journey. This campaign will give contributors the opportunity to help this brand “Find their Jeans” by providing monetary aid and spreading the word about the brand as well as the campaign. Visitors will have until Jan 23, 2015 to make a contribution.

Co-Founders Lexi Cook and Anthony Henderson joined forces to create the first collection of this brand, “Amsterden/m Segment”. This collection was derived from the love of the cities Amsterdam and New York combined with classic American denim work wear and functional sportswear. This recipe for the first collection will provide consumers with a new look, style, and trend within the denim world.

Funds from this campaign will solely be used to complete the production process and to bring on new team members. Contributors will be recognized and provided with keepsakes from the company as a token of gratitude for helping 1NE 9INES. There is also a sponsorship opportunity for a company or individual to become the official sponsor for the brand. The Indiegogo Campaign for 1NE 9INES provides more information, what’s to come, and what is happening now with the company. To make a contribution visit

About One Nine Eight Four Den/m

1NE 9INE 8IGHT 4OUR is a premium denim brand heavily inspired by pop culture, which can be found in the glaring details of each design. We aim to unite the world in our differences, with an obsessive focus on design, production, promotion, consumption, and appearance. We deliver jeans to the world with movement, inventive composition, style and classic fits.

Instagram / Twitter: @1ne9ines

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Lexi Cook

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