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Monique Grimme

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“Original George Harrison In The Broadway Show “Beatlemania”, Has This Music Reviewer Intrigued.
A Music Review for “Reflection Of Love” by The Grouch from Sweden. “Reflection Of Love” Is The New Single by Les Fradkin From His Upcoming Album “The New Age” on Bongo Boy Records., 2/22/2017 - – A Music Review for “Reflection Of Love” by The Grouch.

Hej America!

The other day my friends at Bongo Boy contacted me and asked me to give a listen to a New Age track. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I am the furthest thing from a New Age type of guy. I have never hugged a tree. I tried Yoga once and thought I would never walk again and frankly the idea of sitting around eating something organic while getting in touch with my innerself sounds silly to me.

Then I read the second part of the email. This particular “New Age” track is by Les Fradkin. This deserves a listen I thought. For those who do not know, Les has done a lot of work with MIDI guitar technology. Aside from music my main interest is computers - specifically Linux computers. (For those that are not familiar with Linux, it is a derived from Unix and is a totally free operating system.) The bottom line is Linux is all about looking at things differently and trying new solutions from those that have been tried in the past. So the idea of a MIDI guitar is really intriguing.

Aside from the technological aspects of Les’ work I am also just incredibly impressed that Les was the original George Harrison in the Broadway show "Beatlemania" in the 1970s. So I had to listen to this track.

So what is the bottom line? In a nutshell Reflections of Love is pleasant. I mean this most sincerely. Reflections of Love is enjoyable to listen to - Les made me smile. In fact, I would say that this track is calming. The listener embarks on a 3:10 journey of sound that distracts but does not bombard.

Even if New Age is not your thing, take a listen to this track. Thank you Les, I can honestly say I enjoyed this song. - The Grouch

“Reflections Of Love” is his new Single of his New 2017 Album entitled “The New Age”. Pre-Sale Starts 04.22.17 (10th anniversary of Record Store Day / 04.22.17 official Earth Day (on Bongo Boy Records)

Download: [URL=] click here[/URL]

Artist Web Site: [URL][/URL] | Label Web Site: [URL][/URL]

Producers: Les Fradkin and Loretta Pieper | Composers: Les Fradkin and Loretta Pieper

All Instruments played by Les Fradkin | Studio: RRO Entertainment, Parker, Colorado

Sounds Like: Yanni, The Moody Blues, Jean Michel Jarre

UPC: 703856898929 | ISRC: USPXQ

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