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Our Primary Doc
Julia Avalon
3170 Citrus Tower Blvd Suite or Floor Number Suite A
Clermont, Florida

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Ourprimarydoc Introducing Healthcare Cost Sharing Plans for Its Health-Conscious Community Members
Our Primary Doc is running a healthcare community whose members can now avail the benefits of cost-sharing plans the cases where unexpected medical expenses become a worry., 1/14/2022 - Our Primary Doc offers a comprehensive healthcare plan that limits people’s financial risk by protecting them from small and large medical expenses. The service provider has formed a healthcare community whose membership is available to individuals of all ages, including kids. With such membership, people get quick access to a board-certified and licensed doctor, pediatrician, specialist, or women’s healthcare provider. They can text, call, or video chat with their chosen doctor even without an appointment. One can also access virtual and live counseling.

In a personal interview held recently, the spokesperson of Our Primary Doc revealed, “We provide more than a health insurance plan to our community members. They receive direct primary care solutions like regular checkups, routine care, preventive care, and care coordination. Along with that, our life care solution helps them cope with a wide range of emotional and mental health challenges. Additionally, we have introduced medical cost-sharing plans with like-minded health-conscious members, so that large medical expenses can be paid.”

The  cost sharing health insurance plans from Our Primary Doc are an affordable and innovative way to pay for a member’s individual or family healthcare expenses. Medical cost-sharing consists of a large community of members who voluntarily contribute a monthly share amount towards each other’s medical expenses. Our Primary Doc offers an open enrollment period to its health sharing plan membership. This allows all the members to have access to top-quality healthcare any time of the year.

The spokesperson also shared, “With more than two million participating Americans and billions of dollars shared, the medical cost-sharing memberships have become a solution to the rising costs of healthcare and decreasing options. Considering this, we have come up with different membership plans that include three-tier initial un-shareable amount (IUA) options. While a person can go for a solo membership, they can also select cost-effective plans available for member and spouse, member and child, and member and family. An IUA is an amount the member is personally responsible for before their medical expenses can be shared.”

Our Primary Doc gives its community members the choice of how much money they must contribute on a medical condition or need before the members’ medical bills become eligible for sharing by the community. A need is considered an eligible medical event, illness, or incident. The member household is responsible for a maximum of three eligible needs per year, with no lifetime limits on sharing. Our Primary Doc ensures that its members focus on their wellbeing and recovery rather than worrying about unexpected medical bills.

About Our Primary Doc:

Our Primary Doc provides access to a full range of healthcare solutions via the membership of its community of health-conscious people. With  health sharing plans compared, this revolutionary concept goes beyond regular healthcare with the finest option of medical cost-sharing. The service provider has an experienced concierge team that assists its members in finding a medical specialist of their choice, as there are no network restrictions. Sometimes, members can also get favorable rates and cash-paying discounts before the appointment.

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