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Phillip Fleck

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Pennexx Foods Inc. (OTC: PNNX) is a Technology Company Operating in the High Value Online Marketing
Customers login through the merchant portal to control their campaigns and view reports on the status of their success., 11/21/2020 - Positioned to Capitalize on the Multi-Billion Dollar Social Media Sector.

Developing Prepaid Debit Cards Linked to Reward Programs with AI.

Highly Experienced Management with New Additions Coming Aboard.

Company Offers will Reach Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Other Leading Social Media Platforms.

Pennexx Foods, Inc. (OTC: PNNX) is a technology company within the Software / Internet and Fintech industries. Products capitalize on the multibillion-dollar social media market by enabling merchants to use social media to acquire, retain and grow their customer base. YSO users scan a QR code or click a post online, register and share that reward with their friends.

PNNX is developing prepaid debit cards which link to its YSO program so rewards can be automatically added. YSO will also leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize and create targeted marketing campaigns. PNNX has acquired BitGift, a company that is creating a unique pre-paid debit card. PNNX utilizes patent pending technology and will be submitting additional patents for example, "A system for monetizing social influence." PNNX earns money through subscription fees, per use charges, transactional fees and contracts with its customers.

PNNX is currently poised to reach millions of users through its viral social media approach. PNNX helps businesses grow more efficiently than traditional marketing campaigns. This approach decreases the acquisition cost of acquiring new customers. Customers login through the merchant portal to control their campaigns and view reports on the status of their success. YSO has shown a 96% adoption rate among businesses.

Update to Shareholders Regarding the Company’s Strategy, Upcoming Financials and Proposed Changes to the Company’s Board and Guidance for Questions, News and Updates

Joseph Caruso has a history of startup business success and is a recognized industry leader in the fields of cyber security, computer forensics and eDiscovery. He has been featured as a technology expert regarding high profile cases on CNN Headline News, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, FOX Business’s Varney and Company.

Additionally, PNNX is proposing to change its name by removing the word “Foods” from the name and possibly adding “Technologies”. This name change is in accordance with the fact that PNNX is currently hosting multiple technology projects.

Launch of Your Social Offers Debit Card for the Projected 4.7 Trillion Dollar FinTech Industry and New Version of Merchant Dashboard

The FinTech market is a rapidly growing industry. According to recent research the global market for prepaid debit cards estimated at the US $2 Trillion in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US $.1 Trillion by 2027.

Social media influencers reach billions of people; therefore, PNNX believes it will rapidly reach millions of users. PNNX has been developing a range of new features in the latest version of its Your Social Offers merchant dashboard and user portal. The new merchant dashboard will enable users to create a variety of new types of rewards.

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