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Chelsea Hackett

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People should protect their phone's security from the preventing for the malicious application
Top grade online seller for android smart phone:, 9/22/2013 - Beijing - With the popularity of cheap tablet PC and Android smart phone, the mobile applications and program [url][/url] for downloading are already commonplace in people¡¯s daily life. The phone applications have already brought convenience to people's lives. However, it has also let people face with the security problem. In recent years, the malware software has become very popular among the mobile application market which situation has made customers become very miserable. The data from website which is the best online market for watches free shipping, Android smart phone and Electronic cigarette has shown that the number of Android phones malicious applications has been surged for about three percent at first half of this year. This kind of bad situation has continued to haunt the user's mobile phone security.

The first main kind of malicious applications should be the malicious notification bar. The normal notification bar could not frequently remind of people the advertising and notification ads. However, if people install the soft ware which could push the malicious notification bar, the phone will often have pop-up ads and this situation would seriously affect the normal use of Android smart phone. And this notification bar ads could not be cleaned. The easy clicking of the user to this bar would lead to the downloading for the unnecessary software which could result in consumption of mobile phone traffic.

The second situation should be the malicious chargeback. The malicious chargeback could mainly refer to the deductions [url=]cheap tablet PC[/url] through malicious behavior without user's knowledge or authorization. After the installation of user for the game or software, the software would collect private information such as IMEI and other information and upload them to the server and then to buy props and the medal way to induce users to send text messages and these customized services would cause the unnecessary fee. This kind of situation would give users the property damage and loss.

The third kind of malicious applications should be the spam messages. The?SMS Spam refers to the text messages which have been sent to users¡¯ phone without their permission. This should be the harassment thing for users. The spam message should be the long-standing problem. The application code would be tampered by unscrupulous developers. After the users¡¯ download and installation, people will frequently receive spam messages which have including the winning prize information and fraudulent information. These spam messages would have negative impact with people's normal life and work. The famous online seller for Ego Electronic Cigarette and Android smart phone which website is has said that people could not link to the URL which has been concluded into the spam message.

In a word, people should fully develop good habits and choose safe and formal third-party application and software. This could help them protect their [url=]Android smartphone[/url] smart phone security from the source.

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