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Kaila Truth

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Pharmaceutical vs Agriculture
Monsanto vs Bayer AG Business Research & Investigation Sample, 12/18/2013 - Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Business Industry Connections with no governmental monitoring there are several international business industry owners who seem to be “Keeping it in the family!”

Many consumers may not know that U.S. German Bayer AG (Holding Company) entered a series of cross-licensing agreements with Monsanto in the early part of 2013. This would make Monsanto a German based business not American! With the cross-licensing agreement Bayer AG (Headquartered in Germany), Limited company Bayer Crop Science will acquire the business aspects of Monsanto and it’s subsidiary a independent German family owned business, KWS SAAT AG.

Industries: Chemical, Agriculture, Biotechnology


Crops, Laundry Detergents, Pesticides, GM Food, Insecticides, GM Seeds, Led (light emitting diodes), DDT, Agent Orange, Synthetic Fibers, Herbicides, Bt Cotton (India), Cotton (Acquired by Bayer AG. U.S.) Gm Plants, Sulfuric Acid, Polyurethanes, Acetic Acid, AstroTurf, rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone), Nucleus Herds, & Industrial Bio-Testing, Plant Biotechnology, Pig Genetics, Semen, Nuclear Weapons, Various Pharmaceutical Drugs (Celebrex – L-dopa),Chiral Compounds, Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), RoundUp Ready Alfalfa (RRA), Bollgard I Cotton and


Partnerships – Mergers & Affiliations

Major Corporations & Privately Owned Businesses

Newsham Genetics - UK & U.S.

Grimaud, Bucolica Bv ( Netherlands financial group holds majority interest in Newsham)

Rattle Row Seghers - European formerly know as; Seghers Genectics NV – (Belgium)

RA – SE Genetics & Elita Ltd. – Ukraine

D & F Afxentiou – Belgium

Syngenta – Switzerland

United States & Global Affiliations

BASF – Dow – Dupont – Mobay – Mound Laboratories – Cargill Seeds - NutraSweet- Pfizer – Americot - Climate Corp. – Seminis - De Ruiter Seeds – Dutch - Hoescht AG - I.G. Farben - Bayer Ag – Bayer Cropscience - Aventis - Solutia Inc., Asgrow

Agracetus – Calgene - Pharmacia – UpJohn - Emergent Genetics, Unilever, - Nexgen - Delta & Pine Ltd - Genetec - Dekalb Genetics, Climate Corp., Phytogen - Holden Foundation. Numerous GMO patents held by BAYER, BASF & MONSANTO!


Farming Suicides

Anti – Trust

Environmental Damage

Chemical Waste Leakages

Patent Violations Lawsuits

Unauthorized Genetically Modified Organisms

Various Drug Health Risks

Scientific Misconduct

Seed Piracy Labor (India)

False Advertising – Bee Killings ( Pesticides-Herbicides)

Various U.S. & Top High Profile Political Agents & Agencies Monsanto Supporters

Defending Farmer Lawsuits against U.S. Farmers for GM Seeds

Bayer Crop science GM Patents: Maize, wheat, rice, barley, soy, cotton, sugar beet, rape, potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, grapes - the list of transgenic plants & Many more not listed

Monsanto Global Concerns: – United States, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, India, China, Europe, Haiti, Australia, and Spain

In 2008, the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), initiated by the United Nations and the World Bank warned that research and dissemination of knowledge is being restricted by the increasing registration of patents. Especially in developing countries this would prevent locally adapted agricultural practices contributing to food security and economic sustainability.

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