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Rishi Kumar
deep rana
135 Dashmesh Nagar, Jalandhar, India.

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Pongr’s Image Recognition Technology Brings Brands & Their Loyal Fans Together
A brand new website is recently launched in the web world and deals in gossiping about all the latest updates in bollywood. Get every details about your favorite celebrity through a simple click online., 9/26/2011 - Products and their brands are an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It would not be incorrect to say that they help us lead our life the way we want. Every year, companies spend a huge amount of money on advertising and promotion, just to create brand awareness among their targeted customers. With the advent of computers, mobiles and the internet, the face of advertising has changed drastically. Digital advertising has nowadays become as important as traditional advertising. The new-age mobile marketing solutions are now on the horizon and they have been popularized by Pongr’s revolutionary image recognition and mobile gaming technologies.

Pongr which is an image recognition technology and social gaming company bridges the gap between various brand names and their most loyal fans. It offers a host of social networking tools that help corporate houses to build relationships with their most devoted brand enthusiasts. Consumers can make use of the social, mobile, and desktop platform of Pongr to actively participate in product packaging and advertisements, share them via social networks and recreate them from their own viewpoints.

This popular image recognition company establishes a connection between advertisers and consumers in a prompt, fun-filled and hassle-free manner. The powerful visual brand engagement tools of Pongr blend the traditional media with the contemporary digital world.

Now the question is how it works. Brand enthusiasts take photographs of various brand images with their mobile phones, and email or picture-text them to their respective companies for instant exclusive offers or participation in games/contests. Here, Pongr facilitates the whole process with its state-of-the-art mobile marketing solutions. Its image recognition technology is compatible with all kinds of print ads, billboards, TV commercials, logos, product packaging and so on. There is no worry about fragmentation since its tools perform optimally with all handsets and all carriers.

“We have introduced our new visual sentiment image recognition tool, ImagePulse, in the month of May this year. This tool uses computer vision technology to track the never-ending flow of brand photos circulated throughout the web world. ImagePulse is capable of identifying logos and products and finding out whether or not the brand is marked in a photo. This assists brands in capitalizing on the high volumes of fan-generated content that were previously missing from their advertising campaigns,” says a spokesperson of Pongr.

“Our self-service Campaign Manager platform lets brands to automatically conduct consumer photo contests on any magnitude and observe in-depth analytics regarding their consumer behavior. Our mobile gaming solutions provide fans an engrossing incentive to share the special offers of brands with their friends. We have designed our games to perform the role of crowd-sourcing,” continues the spokesperson.

Advertisers should contact Pongr today to boost their consumer engagement as well as product sales through its mobile marketing solutions, including computer vision and image recognition platforms. Visit today!

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