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Andy Fadder

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Private Detectives providing Expertise, Reliability & Confidentiality services!
Private detectives are known for their knowledge and skills which differentiates them from the rest of the people., 12/12/2012 - Private detectives are known for their knowledge and skills which differentiates them from the rest of the people. They try to take out the evidences which help in solving the cases in a much easy and fast way. There are various things that need to be taken care of before hiring a privatdetektiv. One of the best service providers for detecting things secretly in Switzerland is Detectivfrei AG. It is providing services from 1949. It was founded by Hans Frei, who was used to be a detective for the Zurich City Police.

This organization is one of the oldest and arguably most prestigious Zurich Company in providing the detective services. The way of working has been modified over the years as the requirements are changed over the years. All the privatdetektive in the organization are well versed with the skills required to solve a complex case. Detectivfrei AG is mostly known for providing services for industrial and service companies. Apart from this, they also provide services for other cases which are as follows:

>> Collecting evidence and information

>> Relationship issues, observations

>> Technical survey

>> Stay loupe / work place investigations

>> Personal environment investigations

>> Discrete control monitoring

>> Searching for property damage, theft, slander, etc.

>> General and special trade information

>> Insurance Fraud

>> Patent and licensing violations / piracy

>> Industrial espionage / sabotage

>> Stock losses / theft / embezzlement

>> Solvency clarifications

>> Securing arrest claims

>> Counseling in crisis situations

>> Protection of the spoken word

Other key feature of this organization is that they provide free consultation services on telephone. The only thing that is required by the client is just to call and tell them the problem for which they want to hire the private detective. All the agents of Detectivfrei AG undergo special trainings to provide best services to its clients. All the agents are required to attend courses and undergo special seminars. In these courses, the agents are told new ways of solving cases and to tackle complicated situations. All the agents satisfy the criteria of being a private detective as set by some of the renowned organizations and apart from this, all these agents are members of these organizations. The list of the organizations is as follows:

>> Association of Swiss Private Investigators (FSPD)

>> International Commission of detective associations (IKD)

>> International Cooperation for Security and Investigation Services (ISIS)

>> German Association of Detectives (BDD)

>> Austrian Detective Association (ÖDV)

>> Association of British Investigators (ABI)

Company Contact Details:

Company Name: Detectivfrei AG

Company Contact Person : Themis Kostenas

Comapny Website :

Company Contact Email :

Company Contact Address : Zurichbergstr. 26A

Company Contact No.: +41 44 283 60 80

Company Fax No.: +41 283 60 81

City: Zurich

Country : Switzerland

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