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Professional Home Care Services For Alzheimer’s Patients
In Keen home care, we care for your loved one who is Alzheimer patient. We treat your loved one with extra care and love while treating them., 11/09/2016 - In Keen home care, we care for your loved one who is Alzheimer patient. We treat your loved one with extra care and love while treating them. We have a professional and certified team of experts can treat the aged people with love so that the patients won’t feel that they are a Alzherimer’s .Sometimes you may not be available for your aged one, but Alzherimer’s need round clock care so our team will replace your place while treating your loved aged people.

Our team will be in touch with your aged people by daily or weekly web cam chatting also we report the improvement of your aged people by emailing and also we maintain daily online entry of your aged one’s caregiver.

Alzheimer is a terminal illness regularly seen in every middle aged or old age people and it is a common disorder which is mainly seen in old age people. The people who are with Alzheimer disease will forget small thing which are in their regular timetable or they lose their confidence while doing any work .

This disease is mainly in seven stages which are as follows

• The first stage is the normal stage, ever person will have objective or subjective symptoms of functional declines and normal behavior, we call this as normal human behavior.

• The second stage is mainly seen in the elder people who are above 50 years old. In this stage people with this disease will forget their daily works or names and little things in their daily routines.

• This stage is called mild Mild cognitive impairment in this stage the patient usually repeat the doubts in their mind and their functionality will be compressed.

• Mild Alzheimer’s disease is the fourth stage, here the patient’s ability of functioning of complex activities of their daily activities will be decreased evening writing the date correct date will also be difficult them.

• Fifth stage is moderate Alzheimer’s disease, here the patient don’t know what to choose and they repeat the work what they are doing.

• Moderately severe Alzheimer disease is the six stage, here in this stage the patient need an assistance to do their daily works. Without any assistance they cannot even able move

• Severe Alzheimer’s disease is the seventh stage, in this stage the patient need regular assisments to do their regular works , they fully depended upon others to do their works it is the final stage of Alzheimer disease.

The only treatment for this disease is to monitor them regularly and sometimes we have to guide them. In our Keen home care we also provide our best sevcies like immediate care solutions, hoarding solutions and many other services to your loved one. Fopr more details please visit


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