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Purolatex Is Offering Pillows And Mattress
Purolatex is a top-rated company offering a variety of pillow and mattress solutions to their diverse range of clients in Singapore., 1/12/2019 - Based in Singapore, Purolatex is a well-established firm that’s invested its time and efforts in ensuring that their clients get a good night’s rest whenever they take a nap. The company specializes in the provision of 100% natural latex bedding products that have been known to provide comfort and a fun experience when one gets to sleep. Since 1995, the company has through its factory in Italy been producing top-quality natural latex products and are one of the few entities in the globe to establish technology in making 100% natural latex without using synthetic latex. They firmly believe the mattress is the top-most important piece of furniture in any home and that it should be not only natural, but also comfortable and safe. Thus, they use the best quality as it relates to materials which represent the highest standard of Italian-realized items.

Speaking about why one should go for their 7-zone latex mattress, the Company Spokesperson said, “Our 7-zone latex mattress has been known to offer the best experience when one lies on them, and this is due to some various features it offers. Typically, it provides personalized individual support to the different parts of your body and sleeping position which include the head & neck zone, lumber zone, knee zone, lower leg zone shoulder zone, and foot zone. With this support, one gets to achieve an excellent spine alignment which is the foundation of any good sleep. Hence, when you go for the 7-zone latex mattress, you can be sure you’re getting value for your money.”

When it comes to acquiring the best pillow in Singapore, it’s critical that one does their due diligence for them to get a pillow that meets all their requirements. That said, Purolatex has been providing excellent provisions in the pillow scene for some time now. Manufactured in Italy, their pillows are realized from 100 % natural latex and feature organic cotton inner cover as well as a removable bamboo outer cover with zipper.

Talking about the cooling and dust mite-free features of their mattresses, the Company Spokesperson added, “As a result of the open cell structure of latex, heat, and moisture are absorbed and released quickly from the mattress which ensures that body heat or moisture is not trapped. The many pinholes on the surface and the side of the mattress encourage good ventilation as well as a cooling effect. Also, the cool and dry environment inside the mattress restricts the growth of bacteria and dust mite, minimizing health issues that might occur when using poorly designed mattresses. In essence, when you use our mattresses, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a modern mattress under one roof.”

Purolatex has over its decades of existence managed to become the go-to hub for individuals looking for a good mattress in Singapore. Among the mattress items they offer include the Deluxe 2-Layer Latex Mattress and 100% Natural 7-Zone Latex that feature modern designs all aimed at providing comfortability. The mattresses are available in different sizes and guarantee maximum functionality when one uses them.

About Purolatex

Purolatex is a top-rated company offering a variety of pillow and mattress solutions to their diverse range of clients in Singapore. Their products are of top-quality and can always be relied on to deliver a pleasant experience when used.

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