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Reasons Why You May Have No Hot Water In Your Shower
Why you may not have hot water coming out of your shower, 1/27/2023 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Wales, UK - No Hot Water in Shower

Why you may not have hot water coming out of your shower

Nothing prepares you for the long day ahead better than the hot and refreshing shower you take in the morning. But what happens when you turn the shower on and there is no hot water?

If your shower heater won’t warm the water, it is obviously a sign that something is amiss. However, several factors can cause your shower unit to malfunction and making the right diagnosis will require some investigation.

Use our easy and informative article to find out the various reasons there is no hot water in your shower and the possible solutions.

Damaged shower valve – No Hot Water

The shower valve mixes hot and cold water to ensure the perfect temperature for showering. However, this valve can malfunction and only let cold water through. In most cases, the washers or hot water feed pipes on the valve are worn and need replacement.

How to fix a shower valve problem

To fix the problem, you will need to dismantle the shower head to access the valves. Inspect the washers and O-rings for any wear and tear and make any replacements if necessary. You can do this relatively easy task on your own; purchase the spares from the local plumbing or DIY store, and you’ll be good to go with hot water again.

Anti-scald device set too high – No Hot Water

Hot showers come with an anti-scald device, also referred to as a hot limit. This safety feature regulates how far the shower handle rotates in the hot water direction. Essentially, it prevents you from being burnt with hot water during a shower, preventing injury.

To know whether this is the issue, you need to check the other hot water taps in your house. If the hot water is coming out just fine, the problem is likely in the setting of the hot limit.

How to alter the anti-scald device

Locate the device, usually made from plastic, under the tap head and adjust it to the appropriate temperature.


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