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Humaira Qureshi

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Right Medical Billing Offering Reliable Medical Credentialing Service
Right Medical Billing, a coveted medical billing services provider, is offering top medical credentialing services., 7/12/2019 - Right Medical Billing, a coveted medical billing services provider, is offering top medical credentialing services.There is burnout in the healthcare industry, as diverse medical care facilities have to accomplish multifarious non-clinical tasks on a day-to-day basis, in addition to providing great patient care. As these tasks require immense precision and are time-intensive, many healthcare practices take the decision to outsource them to reliable service providers, such as Right Medical Billing. Based in Katy, Texas, it is a company on a mission to alleviate burnout in the healthcare industry with its wide range of quality backed, competitively priced, and result-oriented services.

Answering a query related to Right Medical Billing, its spokesperson in a recent interview stated, “Right Medical Billing has a knack for handling a wide assortment of non-clinical tasks of family practice clinics, home health and nursing homes, free-standing ER’s, cardiology practices, urgent care, internal medicine, radiology, and hospitalist groups professionally. consultation, complete patient lifecycle billing, and credentialing are some of the services we offer. Being capable of tailoring services to match exact customer requirements, we have evolved as a reliable partner for a variety of healthcare facilities.”

Outsourcing all the non-clinical tasks to Right Medical Billing, healthcare facilities end up stimulating their revenue and cash flow to eventually realize the financial success that they desire and deserve. For example, medical practices count on its end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management to ensure that reimbursements are paid ‘right’ on time. Working as an extension to the client company’s staff, Right Medical Billing’s team members ensure that all claims are handled in a timely and proficient manner. They go overboard for processing all transactions within 24 hours or even before.

The spokesperson added, “We at Right Medical Billing have this constant urge to keep growing and providing more and more services to our clients. The new partnership that we have just acquired with a reputable Austin, TX-based company, Sevocity, is a testimony to the same. Sevocity is a provider of EHR software, so in this partnership, we will be recommending Sevocity as an EHR solution and Sevocity will recommend Right Medical Billing as a medical billing solution. We have also launched a second website for displaying our additional services for healthcare professionals, including management, staffing, billing, accounting, IT, and marketing.”

Credentialing and contracting is the base of starting a clinic or healthcare facility and it lays the foundation of the healthcare facility’s relationship with insurance companies, as well as patients. Credentialing is a process that affiliates a practice and/or physician with insurance companies, so they are able to receive payments from them. The process is complex but the Right Medical Billing knows the ins and outs of providing the best medical credentialing service to its clients.

About Right Medical Billing:

Founded by Humaira Qureshi, Right Medical Billing is one of the best medical billing outsourcing companies based in Katy, Texas. It offers a wide range of services, including, but not restricted to, billing and coding, chart auditing, management, workflow training, complete patient lifecycle billing, consultation, credentialing, and contracting services respectively.

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