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Sam Gray Boulder CO

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Sam Gray of Boulder CO Brings ESL skills to the Dominican Republic
Sam Gray of Boulder CO is a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English in the Dominican Republic, 12/19/2014 - Sam Gray of Boulder CO has been in the Dominican Republic since March of 2014, where as a Peace Corps volunteer he is helping to get an ecotourism project off the ground.

The project involves a new business of kayak tours ( through a remote lagoon in the north east part of the Dominican Republic. The lagoon, called Laguna Limon, is part of a system of lagoons in the region and was declared a wildlife refuge by the Dominican government in 2004.

"Sam reports that the area is spectacularly beautiful, and his job now is to get the word out to people to come to the area," says a friend. The project is meant to diversify the local economy in a way that protects the environment, but provides for sustainability.

In addition to holding two undergraduate degrees, Sam Gray of Boulder CO has certification to teach English as a second language. Part of his Peace Corps job is to help with English development, as well as with business planning and advertising, in this emerging tourist location.

Sam Gray of Boulder CO is a graduate of the University of Colorado, where he earned degrees in Economics and International Affairs. As he knows, the ecotourism project, to be sustainable, must not only be profitable. It also has to produce specific benefits to the environment, the local community, and visitors. These benefits must be inter-related so that they reinforce each other. This is what is known as the triple bottom line.

Now that he has been through the Peace Corps training and his real work is getting underway, Sam Gray of Boulder CO is getting to know the members of his community. He has already participated in leading two kayak tours, although his job is not to be one of the guides.

As the term suggests, ecotourism is a form of tourism that is directed toward exotic, often threatened natural environments, in which the tourists taking part are able to support conservation efforts and simultaneously observe a unique, natural area, such as Laguna Limon. As Sam Gray of Boulder CO knows, the tour guides in the ecotourism kayaking business he is involved with will be highly trained and able to tell tourists about the area's unique flora and fauna, the lagoon's ecosystem, and its history.

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