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SAP Lumira Training – An Introduction
These days to ensure the proper functioning of businesses, many software programs and applications are available., 4/12/2015 - These days to ensure the proper functioning of businesses, many software programs and applications are available. One such application is SAP and many categories of this application are introduced to ensure smooth operations of different departments in any business organization. For instance, when it comes to SAP Lumira, it enables users to get access, to transform and to visualize data of any size in a self-service and repeatable manner. The great thing about this tool is that it focuses on an easy-to-use interface and it creates very captivating visuals that will permit the users to quickly analyze data without the requirement for scripting. Even though, the drag-and-drop interface of this application is easy to become familiar with, getting SAP Lumira training will make the understanding even easier. With this education, the course-takers will be in a position to learn it within just a few clicks, they can gather data from varied sources and data can be visualized as well.

Experts state that once the tool is installed and the system access is done, training is actually not needed. However, gaining some basic knowledge with SAP Lumira training from someone, who has a good experience in working with the tool will be highly helpful.

Capabilities of Lumira:

1. The users can develop their business knowledge by bringing together wide-scale insights and drill-down to intricate details

2. They can accelerate decision making with immediate fact-based solutions to complicated questions related to businesses by evading fixed format reports and list tables.

There are many other capabilities associated with this application and getting appropriate education in this regard will help the trainees to get better knowledge.

Oracle Data Integrator:

When this is the case of Lumira, another application that can make the business processes easier is the Oracle Data Integrator shortly called as ODI. This can provide the right answer to the data warehousing requirements of organizations. As the name of the application denotes, it can integrate data between different systems and applications. Not just for integrating systems with one another, many organizations use this tool for bringing data into a data warehouse for reporting business intelligence. Getting ODI training will compliment Data Warehousing concepts to a great extent.

What can ODI do?

1. It can perform data integration between software programs

2. It can assemble data into a warehouse for allowing preparation of reports with the help of Oracle BI

3. It will help in integrating with third party

4. It will provide exposure to bulk ETL processing as a web service.

So, organization can take steps to provide ODI training to the technical force for effective data management and integration.

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