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School Boards Have Become the Next Battleground Across America
Greater Houston Area Families Take a Stand Against Harmful Agendas, 9/14/2021 - (Houston, Texas) – Texas schools in general rank 42nd in the nation and American schools 48th in the world, with China ranking #1. The battle for Houston Independent School District rages while the Cy-Fair School District (3rd largest in Texas) is also under scrutiny. At issue is boards pushing cultural agendas that have nothing to do with excellence in curriculum and preserving American values.

While many parents are away at work, the social justice indoctrination, which many former and employed teachers do not agree with, is being implemented. Children are being taught to ignore and question parental guidance and family values. Instead, the tenets of usurpation are forced, to include pushing socialistic, Marxist, and communistic ideologies on children and teens.

“What’s Next Houston” TV Feature on CW39 – Dr. Grace Horner for CFISD Position 5: (YouTube 2:06 min.)

“Politicians along with community leaders, claim to have the answers, but they seem to forget that their first responsibility is education. It is not and should never be to propagandize the promotion of false doctrines. There needs to be a shake-up of the school boards across America,” says a concerned parent.

Many children must deal with psychological abuse brought on by the sexualization and gender confusion instruction that is leading the “health education” modules today.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) became illegal to teach in Texas on September 1st; however, the structure is being disguised through other names and formats such as Social-Emotional Learning, Social Justice, etc. to circumvent both the law and the parents wanting to opt their children out of the instruction. This “theory” teaches that a person’s skin color determines their life and future, and that the content of their character is not the foundation of the individual.

“My husband and I are parents to six CFISD students. We are both combat veterans who served in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Carl Vinson, first to strike after 9/11 in Afghanistan that began the War on Terrorism. As Conservative Patriots, we are finding that our message is resonating with both liberals and conservatives. I am prepared to lead a local and national conversation to restore our American values. We have allowed our children and nation to be harmed by failed ideologies, and it is time to take a stand,” says Dr. Horner, Clinical Pastoral Therapist/Board Candidate.

Plank issues: World Class Education is Priority #1, Americanism, Revenue and Expenses (financial accountability), Merit-based Staffing, School Security and Busing, Special Needs Programming, Leadership Training, School Choices, Healthy Environments (no mask mandates), Community Involvement, Educational Opportunity, Parenting-Teacher Alliance, Veteran Families, Retired Teachers, Human Trafficking, Cultural Division, Teacher Advocacy, and Board Accountability.

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