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Simsii Inc. is a Leading Supplier of Laboratory Filtrations
Simsii, Inc. was established in 2013, they have continued to supply and introduce innovative products to this industry., 12/04/2018 - Irvine, California – December 1, 2018 – Simsii plans to revolutionize the lab supplies sector; they conduct extensive research to analyze industry needs and supply innovative and unique membrane filter and syringe filter to their customers, partners, and the market accordingly to meet the laboratory filtration needs of scientists, laboratory technicians, and other experts. Simsii, Inc. is a private supplier of laboratory filtration, including membrane filter and syringe filters such as nylon syringe filters, glass fiber syringe filter, PVDF syringe filter, and more. The company offers quality lab filter to domestic and international firms. Considering Simsii, Inc. was established in 2013, they have continued to supply and introduce innovative products to this industry.

Speaking about MCE membrane filter, the Lead Doctor said, “The high-quality sterile gridded MCE filter comprises cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate. This natural hydrophilic membrane has clearly defined grid lines. They are biologically inert and used for a variety of analytical applications. These general purpose filters are designed with high flow rates, high porosity, and better recovery rates for superior performances.”

Their range of MCE membrane filters is suitable for applications like air monitoring, particle removal, general laboratory filtration, particle monitoring, clarification of aqueous extraction, and microbiological analysis. At Simsii, they provide both black gridded and white gridded membrane filters. The ink used for grid lines is non-toxic. They are sterilized by gamma irradiation and clearly labeled.

Proving why it’s beneficial to buy CA syringe filter, he explained, “A Cellulose Acetate or CA syringe filter is ideal for biological applications and filtration of protein solutions. It is widely used for filtering alcoholic, aqueous, and oily solutions. Our CA filters are specifically built with the best features to optimize the performance and authenticity of a research application. At Simsii, we have a range of CA syringe filters with a naturally hydrophilic membrane, low protein binding, uniform pore structure, effective cell retention, and high flow rates. You can use these filters to maintain stability against weak acidic and caustic solvents, fatty oils, and minerals. They are available with or without glass fiber pre-filter, a female Leur-lock inlet, and a male slip outlet. We follow international manufacturing standards.”

In many biological and laboratory procedures, preparation of samples is an important process. It requires accuracy by complete elimination of microorganisms and particles. Using syringe membrane filters can help in ensuring accurate and consistent results. It is a wheel-shaped filter having a plastic body. Its membrane is made for effective purification of different contaminants. They are available as hydrophobic or hydrophilic membranes and as sterile or non-sterile filters. This selection depends on the needs of specific applications.

About Simsii, Inc.

Their mission is to offer quality syringe filter and membrane filter at affordable prices that meet and exceed the demands and needs of their clients.

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