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Chelsea Hackett

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Slip Ring Assembly Solutions For Persistent Problems Of Passing Signals
The article talks about Moflon’s efficiency in providing customised solutions for specific problems., 8/31/2013 - United States - Customization is the key to surviving in the very competitive niche of slip ring manufacturing. Slip rings are vital functional components of machines that have so many other sectors depending on them. For a [URL=]slip ring assembly[/URL] solution to actually work, the solution has to be quickly designed with a competitive edge on time and efficiency.

Moflon has come up as one of the most attributed companies in the world who deal with the technology of slip ring manufacturing. Their main features include:

• They have highly skilled professionals and experts who are dedicated to providing the clients with unique solutions to their main slip ring issues.

• Each of their new designs is tested rigorously before hitting the market. Special R7D team is consolidated with engineers and specialists with the experience to handle complicated problems such as the issues of signal transmission from stationary to rotating machines.

• They have individual assembly work consolidation units to put clear emphasis on the development of each product line.

• Latest licensing, technology, equipments and in –house systems for CNC, welding and cutting, are present to increase the efficiency of the entire work process.

The technology of slip ring assembly is used in almost all kinds of machines and they have quite a few varieties to support different problem sets.

Non enclosed and enclosed varieties

The beauty of non-enclosed or enclosed varieties of slip rings is that they can be used for consistent custom jobs. So, the rings can be designed according to your particular problems and the standard sizes are modelled to take care of a myriad number of power transmission possibilities.

Hazardous duty slip rings

These enclosures are specifically modelled to conform to the industry best quality standards (UL and NEC). They are either equipped with a revolving unit or a swivel unit. The swivel unit is designed for single or double housing.

Pancake slip rings manufacturing

The pancake variety is specially constructed for areas with height restraint that cannot house a continuous structure of conductors on a vertical plane. In this case, the conductors can have as less as 4 to as many as 40- 5o conductors arranged with the connection of centre bores.

The customization of the solutions help in most leading companies and production brands to consider Moflon as their go to brand of choice for slip rings. These rings can be customized according to the voltage and amperage requirements. In fact, the company also develops specific rings for high voltage requirements where you might need more than 600V of electric capacity for the solution. You can also opt for high amperage varieties that can be conditioned for situation where the ampacity exceeds beyond 600 amps.


[URL=]Moflon[/URL] has been a leading [URL=]slip ring manufacturer[/URL] for over 30 years. The company has produced quality products consistently and spearheaded constant development of new designs in slip ring assembly for new versions of industrial production machinery.

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