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Kaila Truth

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Snowden Is Wrong! United States Has Been Spied on For Decades
Eric Snowden international links against the United States, 12/18/2013 - Centruries of Spying on America

Mr. Snowden happens to be way off base, with his United States spy allegations. It happens to be, the other way around and has been for several decades since World War I & II where many countries have tried to re-gain access to U.S. markets due to previous business assets being seized in the 1900’s by prior U.S. government officials.

United States, is possibly being targeted for previous war reparation pay backs concerning U.S., bombings, deaths and Non – U.S. imprisonments. The goal of many international countries is to take control of the United States, their Strategy has been to kill American people with kindness and money to gain trust for business relations, trust of top government officials for political reasoning’s, and infiltrate the U.S. job markets to learn and own U.S. businesses.

Specific international countries based in the U.S. are accomplishing their goal, while impacting America’s government, Businesses, American lives and major vital economic resources! Just as Snowden stated the U.S. is spying, well there’s proof proving several countries have been spying on The United States as well and there’s proof of their brilliant strategies in how they've been able to dominate the United States and global business markets, and many other industries they have control over.

Snowden’s new international BFF’s

Eric Snowden, may perhaps be one of the top NSA officials Russia and Germany sought out to gain United States intelligence information before the leakage, or maybe gave him a nice bonus to follow through with getting the intelligence in exchange for his current protection or maybe he was coerced into taking a bribe to leak and acquire United States intelligence information.

It’s extremely strange Russia is protecting Snowden from the U.S., along with Germany, who traveled to Russia to speak directly with Snowden about the U.S. leaks, spy information, and his asylum. Could the NSA and Interpol possibly be the culprit’s behind United States current conspiracies?

The U.S. Interpol has the top United States foreign pharmaceutical companies as their sponsors, which some pharmaceutical and biotech companies happen to be top U.S. Foreign corporations based and operated, in their home countries while collaborating with their U.S. based business and subsidiaries.

No Stopping Now

It’s not America Doing the Spying it’s the other way around Snowden, several foreign countries have been spying on America, for DECADES if you would of Done proper due diligence and know about American History you could have figured that out, you didn't need a high-profile government job to figure out what you and your New BFF’s are doing here in America!

Decades of business corruption

Many people are unaware spying and corruption has been going on for decades, many international countries do not have access or privy to the education or economical Resources of America. Any Invitation or opportunity to leave their country for a better life or education they jump at the chance to live or work in the United States.These actions have become a large financial strain on the United States, and its citizens. Many Americans currently are homeless and unemployed and have no wear to go!

Kaila's Truth's

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