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Social media advertising finding the perfect solution with Adbot
Adbot, a company offering services like and known for Online advertising, social media marketing and ecommerce branding primarily has been increasing its reputation and client base at a very convincing rate., 6/12/2013 - "Adbot, the company which revolutionised the online marketing company in many ways, is offering practical and result oriented social media advertising for its worldwide clients. The company, which is among one of the earliest adopters of social media advertising, has maintained a high profile in this rather murky water of online advertisement.

When contacted, the CEO of Adbot confirmed the news. “We started social media advertisement when 90% people were not even aware what that is. Facebook and twitter was just used as a medium to socialise and nothing else. I might say, in India, we set the trend and the results show, we are still leading. “

With the penetration of internet in every corner of the country and easy availability of devices like computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets, social media advertising has caught fire in India. Not only most of the Indians now have multiple social media accounts but their buying pattern and online behaviour is greatly influenced by the social media elements. Social media advertisement, especially when executed efficiently by companies like Adbot, thus, is having excellent opportunity.

Adbot has enviable records too if we look into that. The company is efficient in Facebook advertisement, which is by far the best and most popular social media advertisement platform. The company proudly boasts claims of delivering over 60 million Ad impressions, over 3.5 million Ad clicks served and around 5 million customer acquisitions monthly. According to the company claims, the running ads are enjoying 0.045 CTR which is a rather very high number. The same for sponsored ad stories 0.065 which proves the creativity of Adbot completely. The company also delivers a very nice conversion ratio to the clients.

The CEO further claimed, “we can simply say we are the best when it comes to social media marketing. None of our competitors are as experienced nor having the equal amount of exposure to international market of social media advertisement field. Furthermore, we are ahead when it comes to creativity as well which are proved by the numbers we present in our website.”

Looking at the facts and numbers and the enviable past track record of Adbot, it can be inferred that this company really knows how to extract the highest juice from social media networks. It would be highly advisable for anybody looking for a reliable social media advertisement partner to approach Adbot.


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