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Ganesh Kumar

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Some Reasons to Choose CakePHP as Framework
CakePHP development services are witnessing a huge demand among most of the developers to create the web application effectively and efficiently., 5/31/2015 - CakePHP is an open source development framework which uses structured, bug-free and flexible coding for developing websites for small, medium and large-scale companies rapidly. This framework consists of components and objects that are all highly organized. Cake library is also fully powered with extensive logical routines which assist the developers to use those pre-defined routines to write code with ease.

Moreover, themes and plugins are more powerful and robust in the CakePHP framework for providing advancement in creating the web application. While the developer working on the CakePHP framework, they can reuse the codes for many other projects just by recycling it.

This framework provides better performance with excellent bootstrap designs, routing and helper templates. The following factors are solid reasons for developers to select CakePHP as a framework.

MVC pattern

Model-View-Controller pattern of CakePHP assists the developers to create, modify, operate and maintain data effectively. Model class assists to insert, update, delete and reads data with ease. View supports to successfully render data in the website. And, controller highly helps in modifying the data in the database effortlessly.

It is highly useful for larger web applications and also provides a unique design with respect to the business logic. This architecture helps the developers to effortlessly perform the tedious and complex tasks in CakePHP framework.

CakePHP’s excellent ORM

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is the one of the significant areas of the database, where most of the web applications lack in. Database management is the most difficult task for the developers while creating a web application. That being the case, CakePHP framework helps the developer to create and maintain the database of the website with a highly-flexible ORM.

It effectively connects the tables in the web application with this user-friendly ORM of CakePHP framework. It helps to search and sort out the data in an efficient manner, which in turn operates and enhance the performance of the web application with ease.

No need for the configuration settings

Most of the developers say that they need to put more efforts for configuration settings, while creating a web application irrespective of the frameworks. However, there is no need for any configuration settings for the CakePHP framework. It greatly reduces the time and efforts of the developers. All features and settings are easily detected in this framework.

CakePHP- class inheritance

Some developers generally say that inheritance is an evil for web applications. But, it will not apply for the CakePHP framework because its class inheritances are very sensible and understandable. Appcontroller and Appmodel are the two excellent classes available in this framework that helps to alter almost everything in the web application with ease.

Massive security

There are many inbuilt tools in this framework which protects the website with high-security, so that no one can break the firewall that shields the website. The tools that are all included to protect the website are input validation, SQL injection prevention and CSRF protection.

To wind up, there are many more reasons to choose CakePHP as a framework. It also includes some more advantageous points like Ajax support, inbuilt validation option, highly flexible in testing the application, and so on.

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