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Survivor Oya Obinidodo Releases New Book — Living Around Dangerous Predators and How to Survive Them
After having gone through the worst of hell that any woman can endure, Oya is charting her own course to a better life., 5/13/2022 - NEWSDESK, MAY 14, 2022 - Oya Obinidodo has just released her latest book for trafficking survivors around the globe. Titled Living Around Dangerous Predators And How To Survive Them, her latest book brings about a fresh outlook from a different perspective on surviving among predators who treat people as less than nothing. This self-help book is designed as a survival guide for people to imbibe and learn so that, God Forbid, if any day such a situation befalls upon you, you may be able to survive and escape from that devil's workshop. Her book is also for people who have been domestically abused, beaten, tortured, human trafficked, or incarcerated.

A survivor of human trafficking herself, Oya Obinidodo has recorded all of her ordeal and much more on her website named Santa Muerte Hollywood. A cursory look shows the gruesome past she had to endure at the hands of various people, especially those who she thought were her own people, her own community and those who were supposed to be accepting and inclusive. "My dream, and all that I believed to be true, shattered the moment I realized they were not who the media says they really are. Except whatever shred of spirit I could muster to keep, those people were predators of the highest order as they stripped me of every bit of my self worth", said Oya as she reminisces those days gone by.

Living Around Dangerous Predators And How To Survive Them shows people real life situations where they would face abuse and neglect in excess. It teaches how to escape from dangerous households and treacherously sadistic environments that are the epitome of domestic violence and trafficking centers. Hands down, this book is one of the most needed survival books out there that can, quite literally, save a life tomorrow. Head to Amazon today and place your order for the book!


Oya Obinidodo is a trafficking and domestic abuse survivor who has just released her fourth book titled Living Around Dangerous Predators And How To Survive Them. The book teaches survival skills for people who have been abused, beaten, tortured, human trafficked, or incarcerated.


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