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Lora Smith

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Swimfun Australia Provides Prescription Swim Goggles for Exciting Experiences
Scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming are all popular in Australia, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike., 5/12/2022 - Scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming are all popular in Australia, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. From the Great Barrier Reef to a myriad of rare and unique ocean life, Australia has multiple aquatic opportunities and Swimfun Australia has the specialized prescription masks and goggles to help those with vision problems enjoy the watery world.

Swimfun Australia offers prescription best scuba mask for children ages 3 to 12, teens and adults. Lenses are customized for each eye according to the individual’s eyeglass or contacts prescription, ranging from -1.5 to -4.0. Goggles are available for sports, training, competitive activities, racing, and recreational pursuits. Silicone head straps and an adjustable nose bridge ensures the highest level of comfort.

Swimming goggles are offered in a variety of attractive colors, in large and small frames, with European and American styling. The goggles are available in multiple models, from those that are lightly tinted to reduce glare to polarized options that offer significant UV protection. Individuals can choose those with anti-fog coatings, and swimming goggles that are most appropriate for indoor poos, inland lakes and the open ocean.

Prescription scuba mask are an ideal way to provide younger children with improved clarity in any aquatic environment. They protect the eyes from harsh chemicals in pools and provide children with increased confidence in the water. Prescription goggles for kids eliminates concerns about being able to see in the water, allowing them to be more relaxed and pay better attention to instructors and coaches.

Diving masks can be used in any aquatic environment and a prescription snorkel mask opens new vistas for anyone that thought they couldn’t enjoy the same activities as others. Individuals can choose a prescription snorkel mask and Swimfun Australia even offers a GoPro diving mask that supports the use of a GoPro camera for taking underwater video.

Swimfun Australia offers discounts of 20 to 50 percent to ensure everyone of all ages has access to water-related activities no matter what their interests. Prescriptions are available to accommodate myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia. Shipping is free in Australia.

About Swimfun Australia

We are a Sydney-based company focused on providing good quality prescription swimming goggles Australia and prescription diving masks Australia at affordable prices. Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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