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Bill Jackson

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Synchrogistics Announces Freight and Route Optimization Offering
Freight / routing optimization for truckload and LTL shippers, 8/25/2015 - Greensboro, NC – August 26, 2015 –Synchrogistics, LLC, a leading provider of freight management services, today announced the launch of its freight optimization offering. Harnessing state of the art technology and the cumulative experience of the Synchrogistics team, the freight optimization offering provides customers with the ability to shop for the best truckload and LTL pricing and evaluate choices customers can make with their freight which are not easily quantifiable.

“In transportation, time costs money. The less time you have, the more money it will cost you. With Synchrogistics freight optimization, our customers can monetize any visibility or flexibility they have in their production and distribution activities to achieve lower costs through more efficient use of transportation mode and rate,” said Bill Jackson, President of Synchrogistics, LLC.

While Synchrogistics has been providing freight optimization as a part of its overall offering in the past, recent client engagements have shown the need for a standalone service offering specializing in freight optimization. One major source of savings has been in consolidating LTL shipments into full truckloads, greatly reducing cost per unit shipped. This type of activity can be time consuming and full of costly errors without the help of sophisticated software found in the TMS the Synchrogistics offers.

The Synchrogistics Transportation Management System (“TMS”) allows a seamless transition from client transmission of shipment data from the ERP software to the TMS, where development of the optimal routing plan, monitoring of key events in the load and reporting all take place. This allows clients to plan transportation events days in advance for outside trucks as well as company owned vehicles, taking into account Hours of Service, loading times, delays, etc.

“Synchrogistics has made a significant IT and human capital investment so that our clients can benefit from our expertise,” said Bill Jackson. “Rather than developing this specialized knowledge in-house, our clients can rely on our extensive and growing expertise to drive savings in their organization.”


Based in Greensboro, NC, Synchrogistics provides freight management services, which includes a Transportation Management System, outsourced dispatch, transportation spend consolidation / reduction, truckload and LTL rates, RFP management and execution, and freight optimization. Our Transportation Management System provides clients with the ability to access their freight spend at any time and collaborate with our freight experts in order to drive cost savings and service improvements. More information can be found at

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