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Syringes & Cannulas Market Outlook and Growth Forecast during 2018-2028
This report provides prognosis and analysis of the Syringes & Cannulas Market. It offers historical data along with forecast data for 2028.

Fact.MR, 3/15/2019 - Small-scale players in the syringes and cannulas market continue to demonstrate their dominance against the backdrop of strong supply chain in the domestic market and easy accessibility of raw materials. While prominent players accommodate the demand for high-quality syringes and cannulas in private healthcare facilities, small-scale players continue to address the demand arising from the local market such as small clinics, laboratories and nursing facilities. Further, different distribution methods adopted in the Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) show significant reliance on domestic manufacturers of the syringes and cannulas market.  

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Syringes and cannulas are the primary medical instruments used in healthcare facilities for applications ranging from normal drug injections to complex surgeries. Increasing pool of patients and number of surgeries are driving the demand for syringes and cannulas substantially. Further, increasing incidences of chronic diseases such as diabetes and HIV epidemic have fuelled the consumption of syringes and cannulas. Owing to the indispensable nature of syringes and cannulas in the healthcare sector, multiple local manufacturers have emerged in the market to address the broadening gap between demand and supply. As healthcare facilities heavily rely on the bulk supply, manufacturers in the syringes and cannulas market supply the products in batches at an affordable costs. Although syringes and cannulas market is witnessing emergence of prefilled syringes and needle-less alternatives, owing to the essentiality and easy accessibility of syringes and cannulas, demand for syringes and cannulas is set to remain unaltered in the future. 

Innovations in the medical technology landscape remain focused on delivering rapid and efficient drug delivery. Increasing preference for minimal invasive surgeries has, in turn, fuelled the need of improved injection mechanisms. Well-aware of these market dynamics, manufacturers in the syringes and cannulas market are investing heavily in R&D to introduce new drug delivery solutions. For instance, in 2016, BD received FDA approval for the first syringe for Humulin®R U-500 insulin, manufactured in collaboration with Eli Lilly & Company. Increasing demand for insulin injection devices such as insulin pen is another market domain where major R&D investments are projected. Huge investments are focused on insulin delivery syringes landscape where prominent players such as ADMD and HMD have made prominent strides.

Rapid drug delivery and better outcome required for patients with chronic diseases is providing a fillip for greater investment in advanced medical technologies. Driven by the increasing preference for minimal invasion surgeries, R&D investments are focused on developing next-gen medical instruments such as needleless technologies. 

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Needle-free jet injector delivery system is one of the trending medical technology which received first FDA approval in 2014 for PharmaJet’s injector for a flu vaccine. Further, development of needleless connectors is serving as an efficient alternative of cannulas in term of reduced microbial ingress and integrity maintenance.

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