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Ronald Frank

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Technology is also about Innocence and Emotions
Technology is not just about people’s comfort and making work easier. It is about the innocence of an old lady sitting beside you, it refers to the pure love of your grandmother towards her grandson. Technology is beautiful if handled correctly., 4/18/2014 - Technology has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. The life of each of you is heavily connected to the technology, it is a perception that technology has just turned the world into a global village, but, it is much more than that. Technology can touch your heart, it can make you laugh or it can make you delighted. Here are some stories related to technology that will enlighten its importance in our lives.

The less Tech Savvy Old Lady

A man was traveling from Tokyo and the flight was rerouted to Osaka due to bad weather condition at the original destination. A person sitting next to an old lady opened his laptop to get the number of the hotel in which he has booked his room. He wanted to inform that his arrival has been postponed. The old lady politely asked the man that if she can send an email to his son that the flight has been delayed. The person answered the lady with respect that he is not connected to the internet. The lady stared at him and said, “but your laptop is open”.

A Heart Touching Message by Granny

As you know that the majority of our elders are not tech savvy and they struggle to learn it too. A man who lived in Florida received a letter from his grandmother that lived California, the man got really sentimental and it also brought a smile to his face as his granny had written that “I am trying to learn how to do email so that we can talk more frequent”. It was such a small line with millions of emotions. The man felt a bit guilty that he did not teach her granny how to send emails. He sticks that letter of his grandmother on his working desk as a reminder that he had to teach her to send emails. It is such a heart touching story of love between a grandmother and her grandson.

Technology can be funny, heartwarming and beautiful. But, if this technology is not handled with care, it can be brutal at times. Such as, not securing your data with software that can Lock Folders can make you suffer a lot. Use this technology safely, there are a lot of emotions are attached to it. It can bring tears in your eyes due to the unconditional love of your loved once or it can make you smile with the innocence of a white haired old lady. Technology is a blessing; do not let it be a curse.

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