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Terra Design
Terra Design
151 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2W7

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Terra Design Offers Custom-preserved Moss Wall Art and Living Wall Solutions
They offer a spread of species of real mosses, floral, and foliage when it comes to moss wall installation. In fact, they are typically conserved with plant-based glycerin to maintain their freshness., 8/05/2022 - Toronto, Ontario – July 13, 2022 – Terra Design is a top interior design company that specializes in biophilic design, including living walls and preserved moss green walls. They serve clients in the Greater Toronto Area and provide each of them with design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance services. The company has been in the industry for many years, and thus they bring years of expertise in interior design, with biophilic design being one of their core strengths. They only deliver sustainable vertical garden and moss wall solutions for homes and businesses.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, "Moss walls are one of the most popular interior decorating ideas today. These walls are very easy to find, and once a person has them, they can easily incorporate them into virtually any interior design theme. In fact, one can use moss wall décor in practically any room, but it is especially popular in living rooms, bedrooms, or foyers. Typically, getting a moss wall décor doesn't require extensive renovation."

In need of a living wall in Toronto ? Terra Design is the go-to place for living wall solutions. In fact, their goal is to assist clients with bringing the outdoors inside while adhering to the necessary requirements for years to come. They also take pride in the fact that their indoor green wall maintenance program and customer support are considered the most comprehensive in the industry. With a professional team of living wall experts, they can create custom designs that fit clients' individual needs and interior space. From homes to offices, their range of living wall solutions can be adapted to any space for clients across Ontario. They are always happy to design, install and maintain clients' new indoor living walls. Typically their rendering of living walls begins with a design consultation during which they collaborate with clients to create green feature wall solutions that meets their requirements.

The company spokesperson added, "The decor can be done on a small budget and does not take up much space, making it ideal for smaller homes. It can also be easily incorporated as a decorative accent. So, it is a great choice for anyone who wants to bring nature into the home without spending too much money on it."

Clients can also get preserved moss walls from Terra Design. Their maintenance-free moss art walls make a magnificent central focus for houses, offices, and other indoor spaces. x To ensure clients get a moss wall design that meets their preferences, they usually work closely with them to tailor their moss art wall projects based on their design concept. And the team at the company also takes pride in delivering each of their clients something genuinely unique. Typically, their moss wall art can live up to 10 years under the right conditions. For more information on the cost of moss wall in Toronto , clients should consider contacting the company.

About Terra Design

Terra Design is a company that offers custom-preserved moss wall art for clients' homes and workplaces, designed to add a biophilic touch to the space without the hassle of watering and upkeep.

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