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Texas Drag War Continues and Erroneous Reporting and Rulings Challenged
Stay in 5th District is in effect for the duration of litigation – Drag Queen Story Hour

Court to Review, 10/26/2018 - (Houston, Texas) – “The Constitution is on our side,” says Tex Christopher, Community Leader and Litigant, “I am standing for families and have declared that Drag Queen Story Hour be repelled and we have only begun to hold those accountable for allowing Human Secularism (a religion per the Supreme Court) to enjoy protections that other religions do not have to include violation of decency statutes that were legislated to protect minors.”

Drag Queen Story Hour, which has been reported to have started in San Francisco, has flourished in over 40 cities and concerned communities are discovering that this amounts to forcing their religion tied to their identity and gender preferences onto the general public, at tax payer expense. The Government by supporting this abhorrent program and supported by some unknowing parents is in effect establishing religion, which violates the establishment clause in the Constitution.

Press Conference, Protest and Meeting:

Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018

Time: 1pm until 5:00pm (2pm pre-scheduled protest/4pm community discussion in main room)

Location: Freed Public Library – 4100 Montrose Blvd., Houston, Texas 77006

* Pastors, community leaders, families are invited. There will be a Houston Police Department presence.

“We are notifying media reporters that some have called ‘fake news’ in recent years for their erroneous reporting,” says Chris Savier, Lead Counsel, “Specifically, we have called out Gabriella Banks of the Houston Chronicle who has reported the legal process inaccurately and positioned my client as ‘Anti-Gay’. In this regard, we are holding the media accountable and others if their reporting does not tighten up post-haste upon notification of their gross errors.”

Tex Christopher is calling on 39,000 area pastors, men and women, parents who want to protect their children and generations to come to stand with him on Saturday to support righteousness in their cities. “Do not wait for a phone call or e-mail, just show up,” says Tex Christopher.

“It is time for Pastors and men of the church to lead and to fight for their children,” says Tex “I am not a bully and I am not calling on Rhea Lawson, Freed Library Director, to step down or cancel Drag Queen Story Hour. I am here to end it across America permanently and I will see Mayor Turner and Rhea Lawson in court and hold them responsible. We will go to the Supreme Court and hold others accountable for allowing our communities to be assaulted with this indoctrination which grooms our children for human trafficking, abuse, and corruption of the values of our youth via these high-priests of Drag Queen Story Hour. Their hour is about up.”

The Lafayette stay in 5th District is to remain in effect through the duration of litigation. A recent Texas ruling to stay Drag Queen Story Hour in Houston this Saturday was denied with no explanation by Judge Rosenthal. A motion to have her recused is underway. A Freedom of Information Act has yet to be answered by the Houston Library System for communications leading to the support of this grievous activity; their delay may also be in violation of Federal Law.

Visit this link to keep abreast of the case, fair news coverage, court documents, and further developments:


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