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The Denvax Clinics
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63 Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057 India

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THE DENVAX Clinic Is The Best Bet For Denvax Treatments For Gallbladder Cancers
THE DENVAX Clinic, the leading cancer immunotherapy clinic chain, has emerged as the best bet for safe, effective and affordable Denvax treatments for gallbladder cancers in India., 3/16/2021 - THE DENVAX Clinic has a track record in developing and administering Denvax treatments for cancer management. The treatments are evidence-based, safe, and productive in checking the cancer spread and providing symptom relief, recovery and relapse prevention. The treatments are delivered through qualified and trained oncologists across THE DENVAX Clinic locations in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Malaysia and the UAE. For over 15 years, the clinic chain has successfully treated kidney, pancreatic, liver, lung, ovarian and other cancers, regardless of the stage or severity. THE DENVAX Clinic restricts overheads and markups to make quality cancer treatments available, affordable and accessible for all.    

The Denvax Clinic spokesperson recently stated, “Denvax is the new interest zone in cancer care. It’s a breakthrough technology that helps combat cancers intrinsically. Failure in identification means failure to mount a counter-attack. With Denvax treatments, the immune-recognition process is propped up, and the immune system is activated. It can now initiate an immune response to expel malignant cells from the body.” 

The Denvax Clinic is a vision of Dr Jamal Khan and Dr Sharmin, a couple known to pioneer the concept of personalized cancer treatment, cell-based treatments, and cancer immunotherapy in India. Both have an outstanding academic record and a flourishing research career spanning decades. Dr Jamal, MBBS, MD (Medical Microbiology), was an immunology professor before transitioning into research and eventually doing clinical work. Dr Sharmin, MBBS, MD (Clinical Biochemistry), has studied tumour immunology and is trained in Preventive Oncology. Their collaboration was vital in bringing Denvax treatment from the bench-to-bedside. 

On gallbladder cancer treatment, the spokesperson further stated, “The gallbladder cancer is the most prevalent biliary malignancy among males and females alike. The incidence rates are high the world over, but India accounts for 10% of the global gallbladder cancer burden. The Denvax gallbladder cancer treatment is effective, especially when administered in conjunction with surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and other conventional interventional strategies. THE DENVAX Clinic has been at the forefront of gallbladder cancer treatment in India, helping improve survival rates and quality of life and preventing reoccurrence.”   

THE DENVAX Clinic provides customized treatment plans suiting the patient’s requirements. All safety protocols are followed during manufacturing and administering to minimize side effects. Patients can also ask for Denvax treatments under the supervision of the treating oncologists. Denvax is administered intravenously in 100 ml Dextrose Normal Saline (DNS). It’s quick and easy, taking 20 minutes for administering a dose of Denvax. 

About THE DENVAX Clinic: 

THE DENVAX Clinic is the leading cancer immunotherapy clinical chain, founded by Dr Jamal Khan and Dr Sharmin. The clinic chain offers high-quality Denvax treatments for lung cancers, liver cancers, pancreatic cancers, kidney cancers, urinary bladder cancers, and ovary cancers. Over the years, the clinic chain has branched out to multiple locations across India and abroad, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Malaysia, London, and the UAE. Presently, THE DENVAX Clinic is the leading destination to find an oncology doctor in Delhi.

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