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The Denvax Clinics
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The DENVAX Clinic Offers Cancer Immunotherapy that Reduces Relapse Rate and Improves Quality of Life
The DENVAX Clinic offers personalized cancer immunotherapy that reduces relapse rate and improves the quality of life of cancer patients., 3/16/2021 - The DENVAX Clinic, with two leading Immunotherapists as the founders, has earned global recognition for providing a reliable treatment for different types of cancers. The Denvax treatment that has been created after years of research and development is customized dendritic cell immunotherapy, which helps the patient’s immune system fight cancer cells and treats the disease. The treatment is an additional and adjuvant therapy, which can be used alone or in combination with the patient’s ongoing cancer treatment. It is ideal for patients who are undergoing chemo/radiation therapies or are at risk of cancer relapse.

While answering a query related to the Denvax treatment, the spokesperson of The DENVAX Clinic in an interview stated, “Our immune system plays an integral role in keeping various diseases and ailments at bay, as it attacks the harmful cells and kills them. However, such an immune response is absent in the bodies of cancer patients. The harmful cancer cells use different ways to hide from the immune cells and continue growing and multiplying. Dendritic cells, on the other hand, are special cells that boost the body’s immune response by bringing harmful cells to the notice of our immune system. Denvax treatment is cell-based immunotherapy based on these cancer-fighting dendritic cells.”

Denvax is a safe and effective treatment that helps prolong cancer patient’s life and improve overall life quality. The best part is that it is a non-toxic treatment that doesn’t interfere with the patient’s present treatment or daily life routine. It helps revive the patient’s immunity and safely kills cancer cells. It is a targeted therapy, which only targets and harms cancer cells and all the other good cells are protected. For an appointment with the best oncology doctor in Delhi or to find out more about the treatment, people can visit The DENVAX Clinic’s website.

Talking about the Denvax manufacturing, the spokesperson added, “To manufacture Denvax, we collect a fresh sample of cancer patient’s peripheral blood. The day the blood sample is collected is considered day 1 of the treatment plan. Then the peripheral blood mononuclear cells are isolated, cultured and transformed into dendritic cells. Then comes day 6 when the dendritic cells are exposed to cancerous antigen. After performing confirmatory tests, the mature dendritic cells are harvested on day 8 and are infused into the patient intravenously.”

Depending on the type, stage and characteristics of cancer, different cancers behave differently to the Denvax treatment. Irrespective of the disease status and its stage, the majority of cancer patients have shown improved performance with this treatment. Some of the cancer types that have shown a definite response to the Denvax treatment are breast, brain, bone, stomach, gallbladder, pancreatic, prostate and lymphoma cancer. However, the treatment has not proven to be of any benefit in treating leukaemia.

About The DENVAX Clinic:

The DENVAX Clinic, with its head office nestled in Delhi and multiple branches located across Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Malaysia and the UAE, has done a great job of making cancer a treatable disease. Headed by two leading Immunotherapists, Dr. Jamal A. Khan and Dr Sharmin Yaqin, this clinic has made cancer treatment affordable and easily accessible for all. For any queries or to get in touch with the best lung cancer doctor in Delhi, people can contact The DENVAX Clinic.

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