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The Denvax Clinics
011 41060168, 011 40239013
63 Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057 India

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The DENVAX Clinic Offers Safe, Effective, and Customized Cell Based Cancer Immunotherapy
The DENVAX Clinic is renowned for providing safe and effective customized treatments for cancer, cell-based treatments, and cancer Immunotherapy., 12/24/2020 - With their head office in Delhi and branches at multiple other locations in Mumbai

Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Malaysia, and UAE, The DENVAX Clinic is on a mission to make cancer treatment affordable and accessible to a large patient population. Cancer undoubtedly is one of the most dreaded diseases, as it leads to so many patient deaths. However, due to medical advancements and the efforts of The DENVAX Clinic, cancer is no more the end of life. The high quality, safe, effective and fully customized cancer treatments offered by this distinguished clinic are enabling cancer patients to enjoy a quality backed and prolonged life.

While offering an insight into The DENVAX Clinic, the spokesperson stated, “We at The DENVAX Clinic have a vision to benefit a greater number of cancer patients through our high-quality and meaningful research. Our founders, Dr. Jamal A. Khan and Dr Sharmin Yaqin, are leading cancer Immunotherapists in India. They introduced the concept of cell-based cancer treatments, customized treatments and cancer immunotherapy at a time when the term immunotherapy was unheard of even among doctor communities across the nation. Both of them have tirelessly devoted their energy, time, and resources to developing Denvax treatment and making it easily accessible and affordable for all cancer patients.”

Considered as the top Delhi cancer specialist hospital, The DENVAX Clinic offers an autologous cell treatment in cancer. Denvax treatment involves taking patient cells, which are then cultured and transformed into dendritic cells (cancer-fighting cells). The cells are cultured in 8 days using the ex vivo technology and are re-infused into the same patient. Once these cells get into the patient’s body, they generate robust immunology to fight cancer. The treatment is part of customized targeted therapies, and is intended to be used as adjuvant therapy. It is in no way a substitute for the conventional cancer treatments.

The spokesperson added, “Patients or their attendants are supposed to contact our office, whichever is nearest to them, to start Denvax treatment. They have to share their medical reports or videos showing their clinical status with our doctors. It is only after evaluating a patient's medical history and present condition that our doctors do or don't recommend Denvax treatment. When given along with the patient’s chemotherapy/radiation therapy plan, Denvax treatment aids in reducing cancer morbidity and improves quality of life. It slows down cancer spread and considerably reduces relapse rate.”

To help patients even further, The DENVAX Clinic has clearly mentioned a list of cancer types that have shown a definite response to Denvax treatment. They include prostate cancer, stomach cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, bone cancer, pancreatic cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and more. Likewise, Denvax treatment has not proven to be of benefit in Leukemias.

About the DENVAX Clinic:

The DENVAX Clinic provides personalized, safe, and effective cancer treatment. Those seeking the help of the best medical Oncology doctor in Delhi or answers about Denvax treatment can contact any of The Denvax Clinic offices in India and abroad.

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