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The Denvax Clinics
011 41060168, 011 40239013
63 Poorvi Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057 India

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The DENVAX Clinic Providing Safe, Effective and Customized Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapy
The DENVAX Clinic offers Denvax treatment that is a customized dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy., 1/18/2021 - Cancer, regardless of its type and form, is one of the most dreaded diseases, as it causes many patient deaths each year. Additionally, the agony that cancer patients have to go through is simply frightening. With a vision to help cancer patients live a quality and prolonged life, The DENVAX Clinic offers customized, safe and effective cell-based cancer immunotherapy. With a head office in Delhi and branches at multiple locations in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Malaysia and the UAE, The DENVAX Clinic is on a mission to make cancer treatment affordable and accessible to a large population.

While answering a query related to The DENVAX Clinic, the company spokesperson recently stated, “Our founders Dr. Jamal A. Khan and Dr Sharmin Yaqin are leading cancer Immunotherapists in India. They introduced the concept of cell-based treatments, cancer immunotherapy and customized treatment in cancer when even the doctor communities across the nation weren't acquainted with the word immunotherapy. They both have put all their efforts, time, resources and knowledge into developing Denvax treatment and making it easily accessible and affordable for all cancer patients.”

Thanks to the advanced medical technology and the Denvax treatment, cancer is no more the end of life today. Denvax is a personalized cancer treatment, which involves the use of cancer-fighting dendritic cells. It is an additional or adjuvant treatment plan and a targeted therapy that only targets cancer cells and doesn't cause any harm to the normal cells. Being a non-toxic treatment, it doesn't interfere with the patient’s treatment plan or daily routine. Denvax is not a drug but an effective process that helps rejuvenate a patient's immune system, especially against cancer. For such a safe, effective and affordable immunotherapy in Delhi, people can get in touch with The DENVAX Clinic.

Shedding more light on the Denvax treatment, the spokesperson added, “Denvax is a dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy that helps delay cancer progression and improves patient survival. Many of the cancer patients with M1 (metastatic) disease we have treated are now leading recurrence-free, quality lives. To manufacture Denvax, the patient's mononuclear cells are collected either by drawing a fresh sample of peripheral blood or apheresis procedure. The cells are then isolated and further processed for about eight days to transform them into cancer-specific dendritic cells. These dendritic cells are then re-infused into the same patient on the 8th day of drawing blood. We have the experience of treating tens of thousands of patients suffering from cancer in various stages of the disease.”

To get Denvax treatment, patients first have to share their medical reports and videos with doctors at The DENVAX Clinic. After analysing the health and overall well being of the patient, the doctors recommend the treatment. For more information about the treatment and the clinic, people can refer to their website or talk to their team.

About The DENVAX Clinic:

The DENVAX Clinic has a reputation for providing dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy that is safe, effective and affordable. To book immunotherapy for cancer in Delhi, patients can contact doctors at The DENVAX Clinic.

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