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The Fitzgerald Law Firm Covers a Comprehensive Range of Legal Practices Areas
The Fitzgerald Law Firm handles a wide array of personal injury cases for clients across the U.S., 9/08/2016 - In addition to medical malpractice and birth injury cases, the attorney panel at The Fitzgerald Law Firm also helps clients obtain justice for personal injury. With success stories spanning over four decades, the law firm offers critical legal guidance and assistance to parties who have gone through an array of injuries and mental trauma.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm covers a comprehensive range of legal practice areas including motor vehicle accidents, nursing home neglect, lead paint poisoning, workers’ compensation, slip and fall accidents, product liability claims, police negligence, insurance settlement, business litigation, medical malpractice and more. It is noteworthy that this law firm has been a pacesetter in the legal area, being one of the first law firms to understand and recognize the hazards faced by lead-poisoned children, and the right to attain legal justice.

When we asked the representative at The Fitzgerald Law Firm to elaborate on the areas they offered legal representation, he stated, “For us, protection of legal rights is of utmost significance. Being one of the most reputed and elite personal injury lawyers in New York, we take pride in covering our clients across varying contexts. For instance, we have dealt with hundreds of clients willing to file product liability claims. This is a very serious concern across the country and we broadly classify these claims into 3 categories: defective manufacturing, defective designing, and failure to provide warnings/instructions regarding product use. Also, cerebral palsy cases have been at an all time high. Commonly known as ‘Little’s Disease’, over 764,000 children in the U.S. suffer from this neurological disorder. Similarly, there are a range of personal injury cases that we have been fighting for our customers for over 40 years now.”

As of 2013, the US is the number one market for commercial liability insurance. Furthermore, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that around six million motor vehicle accidents take place in the US each year; that’s about one accident every 10 seconds.

The spokesperson at The Fitzgerald Law Firm concluded, “At our law firm, clients come and get the opportunity to interact with friendly people. From smooth initial consultation to problem analysis, and coming up with suitable recommendations – the process is very simple, clear, and transparent. Working on a modest legal fee structure, our experienced attorneys stay involved to make sure the case is resolved in the least stressful manner.”

The Fitzgerald Law Firm welcomes diverse set of clients, including people who speak Spanish.

About The Fitzgerald Law Firm

The Fitzgerald Law Firm is a New York based firm that offers its services to those who have been injured due to medical malpractice. The law firm is responsible for getting countless patients and their families compensated for the negligence or unprofessional conduct which led to short term or long term injury of their clients. With over 40 years of legal experience under their belt, the Fitzgerald Law Firm is able to provide its clients with the legal guidance they need during the critical circumstances of filing for medical malpractice.

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