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The Flag of Planet Earth Unfurled at Encourager Church in Houston
Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution of Planet Earth Read Aloud for Audience

Wally Wood Unfurls Flag, 9/13/2018 - Houston, Texas [RFN] – Headlines point to global turbulence politically via trade embargoes, protests against the American Flag by corporations and organizations and restrictions against its flying by cities via ordinances and permit restrictions, human migration that has been touted as the largest since World War II referred to as the “diaspora,” technological omniveillance, calls to disarm via the UN small arms treaties, climate change hysteria, acts of terrorism, Diginomics (digital currency), and changing cultural morals as instituted and mandated by governments.

A “One World Government” has been in the making for generations as documented by many historians and now the evidence is remarkable with the proposed new Flag of Earth which can now be bought on-line.

The International Flag of Earth is being promoted by the “World Parliament” (, which has planned for and prescribed a world governance reality the likes of which the world has never seen.

“We wanted to reveal the flag at one of our Forum events to show how far this initiative toward Global Convergence has come," says Wally Wood, host of The Revelation File News Forum, a news and information event held at Encourager Church in Houston every quarter. “We were quite surprised to find the flag available for purchase on, so we bought it. Needless-to-say, our audience was shocked when I explained the background and vision of the globalists who intend to bring about their version of Global Governance.”

The video of the unfurling may be seen here on (9:05 minutes)

One World Government promises many benefits to world citizens as opposed to nationalism or pride in national heritage, Wood said.

“We also read the Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution of Earth. The audience was jolted. They couldn't believe such a document exists, but it does. In fact, we do provide a link on our website by which the 50-page Constitution can be downloaded into your own computer ( This is end-time Bible prophecy in action!"

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About The Revelation File:

The Revelation File began as a daily radio news commentary over the Sonlight Radio Network from 1980 to 1984 and, in 1985, over KSBJ in Houston, as part of the Christian News Network that Wally Wood had started at the time. The “RevFile” eventually became a nationwide subscription news service to subscribers in the 1990s and is now online at, on Facebook and Twitter. For speaking engagements or scheduling The Revelation File News Forum for your church or organization, contact Andy Valadez at (713) 560-3348 or by email --


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