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Phillip Fleck

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The Golden Egg Has Hatched and Rewards Are There To Be Taken, Only With $Gegg and $Poor
It runs within the Poor Quack ecosystem and as a growth project, free from the rat-race with other traditional cryptos., 9/23/2022 - NEWSDESK, SEPTEMBER 24, 2022 - Cryptocurrency has reached another level in the past couple of years. Many companies have released tokens and NFT's to draw attention and investments to their company. And now with the advent of the Metaverse, there is a huge rush to be a part of it and provide special services to people never seen before. While many eventually end up sinking, some remain solely because they are different from others and give people an opportunity to earn on their investments and tokens in a much better and innovative way. And there is one company that excels in it and has become greatly endeared to its token holders and investors — Golden Egg.

This quirky token runs on $GEGG and $POOR. This past December 2021 saw the Poor Quack token coming to fruition and running on the Binance Smart Chain. Given its rewards and style of operation, $POOR quickly garnered the backing of investors and a loyal following of token holders which saw the company hit an ATH of 2.5m market cap. Golden Egg has also launched a $POOR token on the Cronos Chain. Both $POOR and $GEGG are connected to each other through the utilities within the Poor Quack ecosystem.

"Our excitement really knows no bounds. Given our style of operation and our services, we are glad and thankful people are cashing in on our tokens. Imagine earning our Golden Egg token $GEGG which deflates and still has amazing value because of the rewards attached to it! The same Golden Egg token $GEGG pre-sale went live on PinkSale launchpad from the 21st of September 2022 with a softcap of 200 BNB. In fact, just for using the tools at hand, users of the PoorQuack app will be easily able to enjoy multiple GEGG rewards! There are dozens of other benefits. If users are holding the Golden Egg NFT, they will receive a massive 40% boost in Gegg rewards that they earn through the app. Also by holding the POOR ETH king NFT, they will receive an additional 20% boost in rewards tokens! There is nothing like GEGG in the market that gets you rewards this easy. Try $GEGG and $POOR today and start making a ton of money!", said an elated founder of Golden Egg.


Golden Egg is a Poor Quack project of Cryptocurrency that runs on the Poor Quack ecosystem. Its tokens are $POOR & $GEGG. $POOR is the utility token whereas $GEGG compliments it as a reward.


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