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Joshua Wichterich

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The Last Legend Trilogy Awakens
The Last Legend is a new book series! Awakened is Book one in the Epic-Fantasy Thriller. Become captivated and awakened by the beautiful and intriguing saga., 5/06/2014 - A heavenly shade of blue was in her eyes and her innocent smile captured the hearts of many. But even a beautiful smile can cover the ugliest of things... Who would’ve ever known that the beautiful and loving Princess Marrisa would fall victim to a very dark and hostile scheme, conjured up by something filled with only hatred and revenge? No one did—not even Tairren, who was one of Marrisa’s dearest friends. Overtaken by Marrisa’s beauty and charm, Tairren was very much in love with her and would do anything for her—even if that meant facing the overwhelming powers of darkness…

It was on Marrisa’s sixteenth birthday, her engagement to Prince Phillip and the day before her enthronement to the kingdom of Ishkar, when it happened. Chaos was unleashed by a silent follower of darkness—and all hell was loosened. When Marrisa is betrayed and abducted by someone she had always trusted, she is forced into the Forbidden Lands of Minslethrate and upon a plot that would shake thier world.

With the company of his very different comrades, the unconventional Lady Natalia and the arrogant Prince Phillip of Ishkar, Tairren travels across the uncertain lands of Minslethrate to rescue Marrisa. They begin to realize that their precarious situation is dealing with more than just a kidnapped princess—that’s just the beginning. They were caught in the middle of an ancient warfare between the enigmatic worlds of darkness and light. They learn that they were destined for their quest before they were even born. But they can’t do it alone. They must trust in the unseen God of Light and have faith in a legend that they don’t even understand. While their beloved princess awaits a terrifying fate, they must become awakened by light if they are to face thier own dark quest…

Prophecy stirs, blood spills, light burns and darkness screams—revealing The Last Legend…

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