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Jonathan Franklin

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The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin Handles Criminal and DUI Cases
When you need an experienced lawyer to handle your criminal or DUI charges, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin., 7/19/2013 - If you live in the Greater Los Angeles area and need a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney or a Beverly Hills Criminal Attorney, contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin. While in law school, Jonathan Franklin obtained practical experience while interning with the public defender's office. After graduation, he continued practicing criminal law as a prosecutor.

His years of experience as a prosecutor has helped him insurmountably as he moved to defending people who have been accused of serious criminal and DUI crimes. Understanding the thought process of prosecuting attorneys allows Jonathan Franklin to delve deep into the arrests of the defendants whose cases he handles. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin team will stand by you during the trial phase as well as any other appearances or hearings you have to attend. For example, in California, if you are arrested for a DUI, you have only ten days to request an Administrative hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles. With the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin by your side, you can feel confident knowing you are not alone when arguing your case and trying to get your license reinstated.

The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin handles criminal matters such as felony DUIs, drug charges, domestic violence, theft, indecent exposure, lewd conduct and hit and run charges. Currently, the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin solely handles DUI and criminal defense matters.

Jonathan Franklin uses the skills that he learned working as a prosecutor to vigorously defend his clients. He is determined to provide second-to-none customer service that will allow his clients to breathe easy knowing they are in excellent hands.

When you need an attorney, it is important to have an initial consultation so you can discuss the arrest, the charges and the ramifications of the conviction. It is important that your attorney have a solid understanding of the evidence against you and be able to articulate the situation to you in terms you can understand. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin provides stellar customer service and your first consultation is free of charge. The team will provide a legal strategy that you are comfortable with and that you understand so you can be prepared when the case goes to trial.

While not all cases can be dismissed, having an attorney who worked as a former prosecutor can mean that any loopholes in your case could be uncovered that may result in diminished charges or penalties. When you are facing a criminal charge or a DUI, it is important to understand all the legal strategies that may work in your defense. For the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin, it is important that the client's rights are fully protected and you will always receive an honest and straightforward answer.

If you are facing serious charges, reach out to the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin today for your initial free consultation. Understanding your rights and having your freedom protected is their goal so you can be comfortable knowing that your case is being handled optimally by a team that understands both the prosecution and the defense.

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