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Chelsea Hackett

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The mode of operation for the OBD device and services operator
Top grade supplier for MB star:, 7/21/2013 - Japan - Current, the service providers of car networking need to control the [url][/url] device which could let them earn money. The commonly device would be the OBD while could be provided by the service providers themselves because they need to sell equipment to make money. The engineer from website has said that UBI may also take the form of data collaboration which could let car owners choose by their own. This article would describe business models of car networking and data mining from the perspective of large data. However, business models of the OBD vehicle networking could be divided into three areas which are selling for equipment, services and data. Then, the online seller for MB star and launch x431 would tell people all of these things.

The first point is about ?equipments selling such as BMW icom. The equipment such as MB star c3 and launch x431 would be sold to car OBD network operator. The OBD device has contained the OBD module. The communication module would be Bluetooth or GSM On the other hand, the positioning module can be the GSM base station positioning or GPS. However, the products such as BMW ICOM of some manufacturers could also contain G-Sensor.

The second point is about the selling for services. The general operation model of the service [url=]bmw icom[/url] selling is that the car networking operator would provide a variety of car managing services to car owners such as fleet management and value-added services. For example, the 4S Group has used OBD device such as super MB star to enhance the connection with their clients. Frankly speaking, services fee are usually collect by annual. On the other hand, the service charges may also include equipment prices. Currently, the service to individual car owners is not very good.

The last point is about the data selling. However, this kind of approach is very Internet-based which is refer to that the car networking operator would provide personalized service based on the analysis from the networked data. However, this kind of service could be not only used to cars. The prevailing trend for the car service selling is car insurance selling.

From the above description, people would have more information about the operation [url=]mb star c3[/url] model for the car service industry. However, this industry is not sample as the little launch x431 and BMW ICOM. The car owner should pay more attention to this point when they use their OBD device. Incidentally, if people want to purchase the high quality OBD devices such as launch x431 and BMW ICOM, the website would be the best choice for them.


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