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Chelsea Hackett

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The original and other basically detailed description about the LCD touch screen
Best manufacturer for LCD touch screen:, 7/24/2013 - Beijing - In the 1970s, the U.S. military has first applied the touch screen [url][/url] technology for military purposes and then this technology has gradually been migrated to civilian. On the other hand, the touch screen technology such as 7 open frame LCD with touch has had great development with the developing of network technology and the popularity of Internet applications. During these years, a various of new generation of touch technology and products have appeared. Its advantages such as rugged, fast response, space-saving, easy to communicate and has already got public recognition.

The expert from website has said that this most relaxed man-machine interactive technology has already been pushed to many other fields. In addition to the application to personal portable information products such as the handwriting input technology products PC, PDA, AV and others, other application such as the information appliances, public information, electronic games, communications equipment, office automation equipment, information collection equipment and industrial equipment have also applied this kind of touch screen such as 17 open frame touch monitor with IR.

The touch screen technology has been applied around China for almost 10 years time. It has became the [url=]17 open frame touch monitor with IR[/url] most acceptable input device of people after the popularity of keyboard, mouse, tablet, voice input and other computer inputting device. Because the using of this technology, most of users could simply use their fingers to gently touch the computer display icons or text so that they can easily achieve the host operating. This kind of technology and device such as industrial LCD with touch has made the interface between the machine and people become more straightforward. This kind of technique has greatly provided with users more convenience. This is very suitable for multimedia information query.

For the principle of the touch screen such as 21.5 open frame LCD. The LCD touch screen has been strictly attached to the surface of the liquid crystal display which has played the role of compatible using. If it could measure the touch point to measure the coordinate position on the screen, it may be measure the intention of people¡¯s touching action. On the other hand, the touch screen can be divided into many categories according to their technical principles.

All of the information above is the original and other basically detailed description about the LCD [url=]17 ir touch lcd monitor[/url] touch screen such as industrial LCD with touch such as 7 open frame LCD with touch and 17 open frame touch monitor with IR. If people want to purchase the high quality LCD touch screen, the website would be the best choice for them.




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