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Pen Boutique LTD
pen Boutique
(410) 992 3272
5560 Sterrett PI. #115, Columbia, MD 21044.

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The Pen Boutique Highlights Platinum Preppy Pen Collections and Sailor Ink Bottles
The Pen Boutique, a writing merchandising company, highlights their fountain pen beginner’s line, Preppy, as well as prestigious ink company, Sailor., 7/30/2020 - he Pen Boutique, a writing merchandising company based in the United States, offers the Platinum Preppy Collections – a collection of fountain pens that provide a profoundly smooth writing experience, as well as their collection of Sailor Ink Bottles – high quality and richly toned ink meant to be used for fountain pens.

Many people have a strong desire to become fountain pen owners and users, but may become overwhelmed at the large variety of brands, styles, materials, nib sizes, inks, cartridges, converters, and price-points that are available to them. The Platinum Preppy Collections are the perfect way to experiment with fountain pens without making a costly commitment to a more long-term fine writing instrument. Available in several colors for both the user's pen and their ink, as well as multiple nib sizes, Preppys can be personal and comfortable to beginner fountain pen users.

The Boutique’s spokesperson has said, “Some of the most enjoyable aspects of writing with fountain pens stem from their longevity and the versatility of their ink -both in body and color, made possible by the variety of refill options available to fountain pen users. Renown for their rich hues, masterful production, and wide range of colors, Sailor Inks have become a prominent choice for fountain pen enthusiasts. At Pen Boutique, we have a large assortment of Sailor Inks. Browse through our collection and choose the best ink that suits your writing style.”

Regardless of current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers can access the Pen Boutique website, and order the Platinum Preppy Collections and Sailor Inks from the comfort of their homes and offices.

About The Pen Boutique:

The Pen Boutique is a world leader in merchandising fine writing instruments and personalized gifts, based in Columbia, Maryland.

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