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Andy Valadez

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The Revelation File News Service Unveils Research Aligning Current Events to the Bible
Former News Reporter Shares Findings with Those Struggling to Make Sense of the Times, 1/10/2018 - (Houston, Texas)[RFN]- Some have dared to label him a "Technology Prophet." He doesn't like the label, but his track record of seeing the future from a high-tech prophetic perspective is uncanny. Wally Wood has been talking about the future since his high school days in Houston. Since his graduation in 1969, however, his "career" has been focused in the realm of knowing what's coming.

Wood emerged into the public eye in 1974 with the publishing of his first book, CASHLESS SOCIETY: A WORLD WITHOUT MONEY. Nearly ten years before the birth of the Internet, Wood saw how a 21st century family would live in a cashless society in which a central computer system would oversee every financial transaction. In 1974, the Internet was unknown, so he called it Cencom, for "central computer." He even spoke of one using a "private personal number" at soda machines, gas pumps and store checkout counters.

In 2000, his second book, EMBEDDED INTERNET: THE FINAL EVOLUTION, emerged with a warning that the day would come when "the Internet would be attached to everything you touch and everything that touches you." Twelve years later, IPv6 went live containing 340 trillion trillion trillion access points to the Web. Then the Internet of Things (IoT) emerged. By 2020, over 20 billion objects will have sensors embedded with Internet access.

In 1998, he first coined the word "diginomics" for "digital economics." Today, that word has global tracking everywhere. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary credited him with coining a new word in the English language in 2007. He hosts five websites, numerous social pages tracking the future, and a multimedia program he calls The Revelation File News Forum before live audiences. He is currently producing his own weekly 7-minute YouTube channel called The Revelation File News Report and is now a monthly interview guest on “The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show” over the American Voice Radio Network (AVRN) the 4th Thursday of the month from 1PM to 3PM CST at

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The Revelation File began as a daily radio news commentary over the Sonlight Radio Network from 1980 to 1984 and, in 1985, over KSBJ in Houston, as part of the Christian News Network that Wally Wood had started at the time. The “RevFile” eventually became a nationwide subscription news service to subscribers in the 1990s and is now online at, on Facebook and Twitter. For speaking engagements or scheduling The Revelation File News Forum for your church or organization, contact Andy Valadez at (713)560-3348 or by email


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