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David Prosser

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The Successor to Harry Potter
New genre for the author Ilil Arbel as she returns to writing after a long break., 4/24/2011 - After a break of some years, Ilil Arbel returns to writing with a complete change of genre.Gone are the books on the Anunnaki and the religions of old, swept away are the memoirs of her grandparents struggle to reach Jerusalem from their home in Siberia where the pogroms are due again. Now sees her return with a series of books aimed at young teens designed to regenerate an interest in reading and using the imagination. Put away the computer toys kids and gather round, it's story time.

A tiny Cinnabar box contains the key to the water supply of an entire planet. The ecology of the planet depends on a great river that periodically overflows, much like the Nile in Egypt. Only the key's rightful owner can restore the water supply, which has been hidden for centuries. The task needs a trained army – but for the moment, it is in the hands of thirteen-year-old Donna, who has just learned a shocking secret about herself. Donna must survive in an alien reality where magic is commonplace, and where she meets many dangerous beings she previously considered the products of fairy tales. A nightmarish trip to the terrifying Wizard Island, a ghost town that imprisons visitors in its empty houses, and encounters with an evil renegade vizier who is determined to turn the planet into a desert, are just a few of her adventures. Throughout many ordeals, Donna uses her wits and relies on two important facts. First, she must save her kidnapped aunt, whatever it takes. Second, she must never, ever break the Wicca Code!

Move over Harry Potter, Donna's in town.

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