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Chelsea Hackett

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The totally introduction about the features and function about the metal dome
Top grade manufacturer for high quality metal dome: www.china-metaldome, 9/16/2013 - Beijing - The metal dome which is also commonly known as snap dome has been produced [url][/url] by the ultra-thin which is 0.05mm to 0.1mm and hard stainless steel material. This kind of metal dome could be mainly used in membrane switch, micro switch, PCB board, printed circuit boards, rigid board and other products. This kind of product has the advantages such as smooth contacting, strong continuity, stable resilience and good touch feeling.

The engineer from website which is the best China manufacturer for metal dome array has said that the metal dome array has good conductive performance. This kind of device could play the good role of the controlling to the electrical devices. Secondly, the metal dome has stable resilience which would give the operator a comfortable touch feeling. Meanwhile, the metal dome has long using life which could let the user press it for up to 100 million times.

The shape of the generally conventional metal dome could be divided into round metal dome, cross metal dome, triangle metal dome [url=]metal dome[/url] and rectangle metal dome. The diameters could be arranged from 3mm to 20mm and the intensity could be arranged from 100g to 600gf and even 6,000gf.

At the same time, people can put a number of metal dome at a certain position and use PET with adhesive to tape them together for quick assembly and precise positioning. In General, the installation of the metal dome could be in accordance with the position of the PAD on circuit board. This kind of product could be also called the metal dome conductive film, metal shrapnel conductive film or Dome films.

Sometimes, the so-called metal dome could also refer to this product. It is one kind of PET film which has containing metal tabs. This kind of product could be used as the switch in the PCB or FPC circuit board. This kind of metal dome could be used for an important role of touching type switch between the user and the instrument and electrical device. Compared with conventional silicone keys, the membrane keys have a better touch feeling and longer life. However, it can also indirectly increase the production efficiency of switch which has made use of various types of switches conductive film.

However, the quality of the metal dome should be the most important factor which could [url=]snap dome[/url] affect the using of this crucial part. In that kind of situation, the purchaser should first choose one supplier with high quality and high reputation. The most famous manufacturer which website is should be the most suitable selection.

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