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Lance Rickle
4463 Tom Lunn Rd Spring Hill, TN 37174

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The Voice Talent and Actor
What is a voice over? A voice over is an off-camera or off-stage commentary., 10/06/2014 - What is a voice over? A voice over is an off-camera or off-stage commentary. It is a production technique where a voice is used in television or radio production, theatre or filmmaking or other presentations. The voice over may be done by someone who does not appear in the production itself or may be done by a specialist called a voice actor Spring Hill, TN. This voice is pre-recorded and placed over the top of a film or video and is usually used in documentaries or news reports to expound on the information. There are different ways of in which this voice over is used. It is used to give a voice to animated characters. It may also be used to give random voices to people seen on the screen or it could be a voice given to someone who is just reflecting on his/her past. This voice may also be used to create the effect of storytelling or that of an omniscient narrator. Voice overs could also be used for educational purposes where a voice is used by television networks such as Discovery Channel.

Do you need a voice over? Do you know where to find one? That should not be a problem. There is a studio called The Voice of Americana- Rick Lance. This studio is run and operated by Rick Lance himself.

It all started this way while Rick Lance was doing a singing demo sometime in 1993 in Nashville, Tennessee when he was asked to do a voice over Spring Hill, TN for a few projects. “You mean just talk?” he asked. It was then that he started to find out that his spoken word was more unique compared to his singing voice. He started to realize that he had talent for voice overs. Rick Lance became aware that he was a voice over talent Spring Hill, TN. Faced with a whole new form of expression he then started to refine his craft. He attended acting workshops, did local theatre performances and on-camera work.

As time passed, Rick Lance realized that he was really cut for the music business and frustration grew. Instead Rick Lance found himself doing voice projects like voicing radio/TV ads, audio books, and doing corporate videos. With a face and voice that perfectly matched, he was able to establish that warm, rugged storytelling AMERICANA signature voice.

Rick Lance eventually became a leading voice for numerous industries such as construction and manufacturing, outdoor sports and travel, agriculture and equine, community banking and finance and insurance. He was not only a good narrator but was a colorful voice for television, corporate and museum documentary.

Rick Lance the voice of AMERICANA, the voice over talent and the voice actor.

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